Wednesday, July 31, 2019

BYE, FELICIA: Hateful LGBT "News" Site Gay Star News Shuts Down

Yesterday morning, I received the following news from the Queerty News Site:

Well, which site has been shut down?

Gay Star News, one of the leading LGBTQ media sites based out of the U.K., just announced it’s shutting down. The site will no longer be updated but will remain online in archive form for “as long as possible.”

Within one hour, I received an eblast--the last eblast--from Gay Star News:

We are devastated to have to confirm the reports that Gay Star News has to close, effective immediately.

The site is no longer being updated. We don’t know how long it will remain online for but we will try to preserve it for as long as possible.

This is stunning and welcome news. Gay Star News was promoting perverse, salacious content. Much of the writing was basically a reaction to pro-family forces winning more fights around the world.

Then the resort to flimsy excuses for why they have to shut down their operation.

Why is GSN closing?
Firstly, we feel you deserve to know why we have to close.

Since we started almost eight years ago, Gay Star News has been able to serve our community and grow.

It was clear from the outset that you, our readers and supporters around the world, wanted to hear about and engage with the stories we were telling.

Honestly, many of the articles had little comment activity. It seems that over the last four years, at least, fewer people were interested in reading a bunch of "pro-gay news".

However, it has always been a tough business. This year, it got unexpectedly much tougher.
We entered 2019 with every reason to be confident we were going to have a strong year. But as the year progressed, decisions have been delayed and projects people had committed to do with us have fallen flat.

Some details would be nice. Notice how they leave out the key information. What happened, mates? People didn't want to read your crap anymore?

Then they finger the biggest culprit.

There are a number of reasons, of course. But the biggest change was the level of confidence brands and businesses in the UK have, due to the uncertainty over Brexit. It won’t surprise anyone to hear that many media organisations are struggling with the same problem.

That's right: It's Brexit's Fault!

The British people voted to restore their rights as a sovereign nation to retain the power of decision-making and nation-building for themselves. The "little people" of the Midlands, the rural areas, and the London suburbs got tired of a bunch of arrogant, elitist, distant---and pro-LGBT--bureaucrats dominating their daily lives, their business, and their national security.

Ordinary Britons of all walks of life, including wealthy and conservative point of fact, wanted nothing more do with with the failed European Union project.

For this, the perverted gay news website could no longer continue carrying on business. Really.

Good riddance, I say!

But there's more. They blame the very corporate elites and Big Tech Masters of the Universe for their demise, specifically because they have not been pro-gay enough:

There has also been another trend which has become more apparent this year. Brands which are wishing to ‘do’ LGBTI work are increasingly doing so in a tokenistic way.

The whole agenda is "tokenistic". Does this require further discussion?

Rather than working with us to engage and serve LGBTI people year round, many have chosen to ‘rainbow wash’. They have turned their logo rainbow colored for Pride week or month and – at best – made a small donation to an LGBTI good cause. Worst still, we have learned that some brands have done this while at the same time funding anti-LGBTI politicians to the tune of millions of dollars. Tokenism has reached a new low.

Of course they do. In fact, corporations doing business around the world continue to thrive and expand their operations in countries where homosexuals are routinely persecuted, tortured, and executed. They do not care about the individual concerns of individuals struggling with LGBT issues. They never have. It's always been about the money, the six-colored Bling-Bling!

Then the Gay Star  editors launched into more self-righteous victimization on behalf of "the poor LGBTI (whatever) community:

Of course, most brands and businesses don’t even bother to rainbow wash. They ignore LGBTI customers and colleagues entirely. Anyone who has ever tried to encourage organisations to engage with our community will know they get more rejections than expressions of interest. Very often, one or two individuals in a company are keen but others block activity because it is ‘not a priority’ or even because they don’t want to be a ‘gay’ brand. (The nuances of our LGBTI+ rainbow family obviously escape them.)

These "writers" show no interest for taking responsibility for their own actions, their own enterprise.

That’s why we have consistently said other LGBTI media and organisations are not truly our competitors. They are our friends. Our only enemy has always been tokenism and apathy. In fact, there are very few who serve our global LGBTI community. And if companies and sponsors took us even half as seriously as we deserve as LGBTI people, there would be far more of us and we would be hugely successful.

Bye, Felicia!

There is one other enemy: truth.

More people are waking up to the tyranny behind the whole LGBT agenda, which has taken advantage of and exploited hurting individuals struggling with their sexual feelings and identities.

The fact that this website, which routinely attacked men and women of faith, who support family and freedom, is all the more reason why we should celebrate their sudden closure.

Queerty News offered their own analysis about the falling Gay Star News site:

The site, which has been in operation for eight years, was unable to turn a profit.

Gee, I wonder why?

Maybe because at the end of the day, businesses want to promote a brand which appeals to everyone, not just sideline themselves into allying with sexual deviance.

Mothers and fathers generally want what is best for their families, for their children. Open, uninhibited, ribald displays of sexual pervesion are a turn-off for prospective consumers, no matter how "woke" they may be,

Reid-Smith goes on to say another problem is that many brands want gay dollars but don’t actually want to support the LGBTQ community.

This mindset deserves more exposure. Most corporations, non-profits, and other business entities bend over backwards to promote and celebrate LGBT. These efforts are never considered enough for LBGT zealots and activists.


The nature of this sexual perversion is so destructive, so fraught with hurt, pain, self-harm, self-loathing, and abuse, that all the repression or suppression of this pain can never cover up the long-standing harm.

Homosexuals, practicing and former, have acknowledged the innate propensities toward self-harm and even self-hate. Many homosexuals are told that they can overcome this depression if society in general would treat them better, more fairly, and celebrate them as the victims they truly are.

The truth is that no matter how accommodating, how indulgence any culture, any nation may be towards these behaviors, they will never be happy. The whole LGBT spectrum of mental disorders is inherently destructive, harmful, and deviant. Individuals who engage in these behaviors are hurting themselves, masking deeper pain and suffering which cannot be resolved with more PRIDE parades, LGBT-affirming programs, or society shifts and changes.

The shutting down of Gay Star News is good news for all parties, including the homosexuals and transgenders themselves. They need confrontation with truth and love, not more enabling.

And it seems that even the general public, which has been rather patient, even long-suffering with LGBT activists, has had more than enough of their fill with LGBT promotion and so-called "rainbow washing."

So for Gay Star News, all I can say is "Good Riddance", or "It's FABULOUS that you are going out of business!