Thursday, February 27, 2014

What About Emilie's Story, Mr. President?

Emilie Lamb of Tennessee
Emilie Lamb of Tennessee has lupus, and because of Obamacare, she does not have enough money to live and care for herself while paying for her health care.

Politifact for Tampa Bay, Florida more accurately depicts the Americans for Prosperity as:'

the conservative advocacy group supported by Charles and David Koch.

Supported, not bought and owned, not sucked into a crony capitalist, corporate world.

Just as an aside, I write the following: God Bless the Koch Brothers!

Now, back to Americans for Prosperity, and their campaign ads against Obamacare.

These are effective and poignant, cutting to the deepest part of the viewer.

Obamacare is hurting real people. This disastrous law, from rollout to rollover, has done the exact opposite of what it promised: unaffordable, inaccessible, protecting no one but the bureaucrats who will keep their jobs, whether the websites work or not, whether people get better health care or not, whether the health care industry suffers, and doctors give up their practice, and the quality of medical coverage suffers.

Here's Emilie's story:

"I thought that Obamacare was going to be a good thing. Barack Obama told us we could keep our health insurance if we liked it. And we can’t. I got a letter in the mail saying that my health insurance was over, that it was gone, it was canceled because of Obamacare. My premiums went from $52 a month to $373 a month. I’m having to work a second job to pay for Obamacare."

Working a second job just to pay for Obamacare? It's more like Obama-don't-care, as glib critics have shared over and over. Except that not only does Obama not care, but average, working Americans now have more cares, financial as well as emotional, because of this arrogant, over-aggrandized intervention of the federal government into the health care industry.

Politifact offered the following analysis of the AFP ad:

We don’t dispute Lamb’s troubles and we certainly don’t wish to diminish her plight. We’re not fact-checking her account or putting her on our Truth-O-Meter. Instead, we wanted to explore the issues that her story raises.

Alright, then. So what did Politifact find? The article spends more time defining lupus, how people suffer from the autoimmune disease, and the average costs which individual suffers usually face.
Politifact then questions Emilie about why she sought other plans, when she could have chosen a plan with a lower deductible, but would have had higher out-of-pocket costs.

The left-leaning fact-checkers are bending over backwards to defend Obama, Obamacare, and the aggressive expansion of the federal government into the health care industry.

Men and women are taking to the airwaves sharing their frustration and disgust with President Obama and his failed promises, or rather "Lie of the Year" as declared by Politifact in 2013. Instead of questioning them, the mainstream media needs to acknowledge that President Obama's legislation has been a massive failure, and needs to be repealed.

What about Emilie's story, Mr. President? Even Politifact had to acknowledge that they cannot spin the numbers, the pain and suffering, and the current failure of the current administration to help provide quality health care at an affordable price.

What about Emilie? Is her story negligible, too? Or is her horror story not true, either, Senator Reid?

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