Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Mass GOP is. . .Alive!

Ed Factor claims that the Mass GOP is committing suicide by adding planks to the state party platform which recognize the tragic aspects of abortion as well as the fundamental importance of marriage.  Even though he fears that the Mass GOP will commit suicide with such a platform, was it not the same Ed Factor who wrote: "The Mass GOP is. . .dead"? Either the party is dead, or it isn't. I submit that any party which stands for principles and embraces the fight for life and liberty is not only alive, but also kicking.

Specifically, regarding the reports of the supposed death, er suicide of the Mass GOP, Ed Factor wrote:

Well, well, well. I have been warning everyone for months that social conservatives who can't understand years of polling and election results - would try to use the MassGOP platform to get the party to be officially anti-abortion and anti-gay.

Right and wrong, life and death, are not subject to debate and historical trends.

What did the Boston Globe write, anyway, regarding social conservatives' drive for added planks to the platform (and remember, we are talking about the liberal-left-leaning, Gabriel-Gomez-always-apologizes Boston Globe. . .)

 A proposal written by several key conservatives would go beyond the current party platform, which affirms “the inherent dignity and sanctity of human life.” It would add, “We believe that every instance of abortion is tragic.”

Honestly, "inherent dignity" is good enough. Personally, I believe that there is no need to add that abortion is tragic. However, the Mass GOP, and every other state GOP, should affirm that because of life's tragic elements, abortion in restricted circumstances is acceptable (rape, incest, life of the mother, etc.) Most women (as well as men) respect these limitations.

Then the Globe writes: 

The draft would also add a line referring to same-sex marriage: “We believe the institution of traditional marriage strengthens our society.”

Libertarians (and limited government conservatives in general) can argue: "Get the government out of marriage altogether". The liberal-progressives had insisted on getting Big Government involved in "I do" to begin with. Most people living out homosexual conduct do not marry, anyway.

Finally, the Globe manufactures conflict:

But the party’s leading candidate for governor, Charlie Baker, and Richard Tisei, its best shot at breaking the Democratic stranglehold on the state’s congressional delegation, quickly distanced themselves from the platform proposal.

Says who? There are more Republicans than Tisei and Baker, and the will and thrill to walk the precincts, knock on doors, and reach out to everyone lies within any person's capacity, as he or she sees fit.

This has to be said, too: seeking to protect life and respect marriage as an institution of one man and one woman does not constitute negatives, i.e. anti-abortion or anti-gay. Frankly, conservatives in the Bay State, and just about everywhere, should practice the Ten Percent Principle, which suggests that shifting ten percent of any population to think differently can shape the cultural decisively.

Instead of accommodating the standard as outlined by "Mister Governor" Patrick and liberal Beacon Hill, the Mass GOP can show that they can stay alive, and stump for the life of the unborn as well as traditional marriage.

But back to square one. No one can argue that a political party is about to commit suicide if the party is already dead. More importantly, a party which stands on principles is a party that is. . .alive!

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