Thursday, February 13, 2014

Who Can Stop Hillary? Hillary!

Hillary Clinton is prepping for another run, isn't she?

No wonder US Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) is talking about Bill Clinton's frequent perversions, as well as accusations from his past, before even he became President.

The New York Times pictured her face on a planet, along with an expansive universe behind her, complete with shooting stars.

One has to wonder if her next run for President will peter away in a blaze of glory (or haze of blah), just like her run for President 2008.

Take another look at the NY Times Magazine Cover:

Is this how we should evaluate our leaders in Washington? Since when did we get the notion that our chief executives should be a planet, and the rest of us revolve around him or her?

The New York Times is shameless in their promotion of Hillary for President.

She does not have much of a record as Secretary of State. She's a woman from Chicago, a Goldwater fan in her early college days, a Saul Alinksy fan after that. She was the First Lady during the relatively minor presidency of Bill Clinton. Small victories, plus declarations that the era  of Big Government is over.

Hillary the planet. Stop, I want to get off. . .

Honestly, though, the bigger beef I have with Planet Hillary, and also Time Magazine's Unstoppable Hillary:

Is the sad unwillingness of the same political class to learn from its own filed history. Hillary was inevitable, unstoppable in 2008. Obama stopped her, with the Oprah coronation to boot.

The other concern, however, along with the blinded hubris of this woman, or the people propping her up, is the showcasing of 2016 Presidential candidates, not just in the mainstream media, but on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

She is not the leader of the Democratic Party. She has not won any nomination, and as far as I know, there is no straw poll which has suggested that she will sweep the nomination.

Despite the best efforts of hollowed national media, the division within the Democratic Party cannot hide. Progressives to the left of Hillary are already flexing their muscle: Elizabeth Warren (who has declared that she has no interest in running for President. . ), and then there's Independent Socialist Bernie Sanders, who has mulled a run. Let's not forget the media microphone for liberalism, NYC Mayor Paul De Blasio, who is already getting blasted by other liberals in New York State for his too-far left-wing policies.

But back to the core question: can anyone stop Hillary?

Of course: Hillary!

Her record on Benghazi "What difference does it make", plus the Obama Administration's decision to delay the employer mandate again, until 2016, plus the anemic economy, plus a potential Biden Presidency, which will remind everyone of the eight years of failure under Obama: Hillary will have a lot more to fight against in her own party before she reaches the nomination floor.

Yes, in 2008 she helped make seventeen million cracks in the purported glass ceiling. It now looks as if she may get so close to breaking it, that all the pieces will shatter on her and break any chances she has of winning.

She is being declared inevitable already, the same way that the mainstream media touted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Along came Brigdegate, and now people ask "Who's he?" or "Him run?"

Not just the times, but the technology has changed so rapidly, and will continue to do so, that the 2016 election is anyone's guess.

And have we already forgotten 2014?


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