Sunday, May 5, 2013

Walker: Reforming Education and Welfare

The Republican Party held a convention at Rothschild’s Patriot Center, near Wausau, Wisconsin.

Governor Scott Walker shared two agendas of his administration. First, he wanted to expand educational access and excellence. Branching out a voucher program from two to nine counties, Walker countered that educational reform will bring out the real meaning of the “R” after his name. Not just a Republican but a committed reformer, Walker’s credentials, from cutting taxes and spending to transforming collective bargaining, has also brought out the true meaning  of “progress” in the cradle of the modern Progressive movement: less control, limited government, lower taxes, and looser regulations.

In contrast to expanding school choice, Walker is contracting easy access to food stamps. Rather than playing defense to liberal cat-calls of impertinence and ruthless, cold-hearted budget-cutting, Walker shared the following pithy remark: “I'm not making it harder to get government assistance. I'm making it easier to get a job."

Walker’s resistance to establishing Medicare exchanges per Obamacare should also embolden conservatives nationwide while also assuring voters in Wisconsin that he cares for their well-being, short and long term, not just his own political aspirations.

Granted, Governor Walker has not trumpeted the limited job growth in his state. Austerity takes time before prosperity manifests in any locale. Ronald Reagan cut taxes in the early 1980’s, with high unemployment shortly afterward, followed by massive deflation, then roaring economic recovery to follow.

While reform is not easy, and recovery can take time, Republican Governor Walker is leading the way.

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