Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ted Cruz: A Real Hispanic, and a Republican

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson criticized US Senator Ted Cruz because he opposes illegal immigration and amnesty. He also opposes letting the government doing for men and women what they can do for themselves. In a racist invective, Richardson even claimed that Senator Cruz is “not Hispanic.”

In reality, Richardson went on the attack against a committed, conservative Hispanic Republican who is breaking the old, tired narrative of the Democratic Party, which has repeatedly misrepresented the the Republican Party as the party of rich, old, white men.”

Yet the outstanding Hispanic leaders in our country belong to the Republican Party. Not just US Senator Ted Cruz, but also US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who defeated an establishment candidate and a Democrat to win the Senate seat in 2010. In Nevada, Governor Brian Sandoval has pushed for school vouchers. Susana Martinez, the current Governor of New Mexico, has balanced budgets and cut spending,  and also has led the charge to repeal former Governor Richardson’s’ ill-conceived, legally disastrous, and politically pandering law which allows illegal immigrants to get drivers’ licenses.

Voters are tired of politicians who get along to go along in Washington.  Senator Cruz refuses to “wait his turn”. Both fearless and forceful,  He demands that his colleagues respect the United States Constitution and honor all law-abiding citizens, including the millions who have sought citizenship through the legal process.

Ted Cruz is responding to the frustrations of many Americans, Hispanic, black, or white. He represents the kind of citizen-legislator that every American wants.

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