Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Markey for Ice Cream Truck Driver -- Gomez for US Senate

Congressman Edward Markey (D-Malden) has "served" in Congress for thirty-seven years. Before he ran for Congress, he was "serving" ice cream. He should have stayed in the dessert business, because the residents of Massachusetts and the country deserve better than a middling legislator from Malden who spends more time in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

If Markey is so concerned about the climate, then he should find a cooler venue for work besides the heated halls of Congress. . .like an ice cream truck. What does he have to share or show for his decades in Washington, aside from finding prime real estate for his family and for himself?

While the fiscal cliff was raging, Markey claimed that the "climate cliff" was worse. 30,000 respected scientists have disputed that climate change (or "global warming" or "ozone depletion") is a serious matter. During his tenure, Markey raised the debt ceiling, he rejected legislation which would ban lobbyist influence. He has voted against tax cuts for working Americans. His most recent legislative "accomplishment", Cap and Trade, would have bankrupted this country. If he wanted to bring down carbon levels while also preventing pollution with serious legislation, then he needed to meet with fellow Senators, who were all but certain to kill any bill which would have hurt business interests and prevented hard-working Americans from finding a job.

Markey's only job, besides ice cream, has been to keep his job in Congress. To this day, neighboring constituents have no idea that where he lives, or that his listed adress is just down the street from them. Perhaps if he drove around in a white truck, playing childish muzak and handing out treats, people would start to notice him.

Now Markey wants to "serve" in the US Senate.

His challenger, Gabriel Gomez of Cohasset, has served his country and his constituents, without setting foot in federal government to "earn" the privilege. Public servant in the Navy, then investor in private equity, Gomez' early years should embolden any American. Born of native Colombians, Gomez learned to speak English in kindergarten. He graduated with merit from the United States Naval Academy. Nothing soft about him, Gomez is reaching out to all voters, with no cold stain of Washington influence on him.

Congressman Edward Markey should go back to scooping chocolate and vanilla. Markey for ice cream truck driver. Vote for Gabriel Gomez for US Senate on June 25.

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