Thursday, May 9, 2013

About LA Times Media Bias on "Divided GOP"

Every week, the LA Times covers the “divisions” among Republicans, as if their­­­ friction and factions are foremost, and will forever fracture the Republican Party.

The liberal-leaning media bias could not be more blatant. Yes, Republicans differ over key issues, but so does the  Democratic Party. The XL Keystone pipeline extension has pitted environmentalists against union interests. Gun control has split the Democratic caucus wide open, with Blue senators in Red States resisting any gun control provisions, which would weaken the Second Amendment and cripple their reelection chances. Obamacare is weakening an already warped Democratic brand, with high-ranking liberals declaring: “It’s a train wreck.” The Benghazi foul-up is pitting Democrats against each other.

Even President Obama’s Secretary of Labor nominee has raised concerns with some top-ranking Democrats, including the ranking House Oversight Committee member Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland).

The Democratic Party’s divisions over many issues will diminish their chances in 2014.

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