Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Media Bias in the Media, Conservatism, Sanford, and Grace

Republicans get nothing but tongue-lashing and race-baiting in most “mainstream media” outlets.

The double-standard is all too strong when it comes to politicians’ seeking redemption. The Santa Monica Daily Press permits weekly columnists to pile on Republicans, including George W.  Bush, with a frequent refrain which repeats:  “Bush lied. People died”. To this day, the evidence regarding  weapons of mass destruction suggests that our country’s leaders advanced invasion operations on a genuine belief, even if the premise in the end was false.

Still,  the media bias often skews voter polls and exit results at least five points to the Democratic side.

Yahoo.com often highlights the big divisions within the Republican Party, even though bipartisan efforts from Democrats and Republicans have been defeated by a growing number of Democratic US Senators who face tough reelection prospects in red states. Gun control, environmental issues vs. union interests are also splitting the Democratic Party. Now the Benghazi mishaps/cover-up is getting the press which it deserved months ago.

One columnist once taunted me with “Being a Republican is just plain sad.”

I cannot disagree more. South Carolina’s “disgraced governor”  Mark Sanford won reelection to the First Congressional district. Despite his previous record, marred with personal and financial infidelity,  Sanford rose above his past, repented of his failures, and struck forth once again to represent his former district in his home state.

This kind of grace is a conservative trait all around. Free choices, individual liberty, and local control grant all of us “second chances”.

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