Saturday, April 11, 2015

Uncle Izzy Inheriting Congressional Seat?

This Facebook post is really offensive.

Not because members of a community want to see someone elected to the US Congress.

The problem is the near-coronation of a current state senator to the seat, as though there is nothing left but for the candidate to inherit:

I'm so Proud of Sen. Isadore Hall soon to be United States Congressman -

So, Isadore Hall is the "Soon to Be Congressman"?
How do individual members of the Compton community feel about a man, or woman, who thinks that lining up a bunch of endorsements and getting the blessing of party leaders automatically grants someone a federal seat in Washington, DC?
This backroom politicking is getting ridiculous.
Democrats in LA County should not get comfortable with long-term office inheritances, either.
The Daily News of Los Angeles gave a fitting tribute to upstart Patty Lopez (D-Pacoima):
Patty Lopez, a little-known candidate who spent just $10,000 in her bid to unseat Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra in the northeast San Fernando Valley’s 39th District, has a razor-thin lead over the incumbent.
She maintained that lead and won the seat.
No one inherits anything in politics. Dynasties have come and gone. Everyone should expect their potential representatives to put up a real campaign and demonstrate why they deserve the next office.
That includes Uncle Izzy.

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