Sunday, April 5, 2015

990WBOB's "The State of the Union" with Arthur C. Schaper

1. What is Arthur C. Schaper's “State of the Union”?

 I was interested in radio the momentum a local radio host invited me to call into his show a few times, then invited me as a guest co-host on the program. Our two guest on the show answered everything so quickly, that there was a lot of free time, and the host wasn’t ready with other prep material. I felt at ease and calm speaking on the program, and stepped in to keep the conversation going.

The radio host and the owner suggested that I start my own radio show, which appealed to me, since I have a lot on my mind, and have a lot more to say. I like what I am doing now, and already people throughout the South Bay region of Los Angeles, and now around the country, are listening in.

About the title “State of the Union”. . .

When I was thinking about the title of my radio show, I first wanted to call it “The State of Everything.” I realized that would be too wide a title, almost meaningless. I then settled down to “The State of the Union”, since I wanted to talk about issues at the local, the national, and even the international level. Besides, I felt that my state of the union would be more accurate than whatever the President (Republican or Democrat) shared before Congress every year.

2. What type of guests will State of the Union feature?

I will have on my show political candidates, elected officials, and anyone else who has a question, comment, or rant about the current State of the Union. I hope to give more elected officials in Rhode Island as well as California and everywhere else a chance to share their views.

3. So, you're a California Conservative; why the interest in New England politics?

After the disappointing 2012 national elections, I discovered that Republicans were in a similar discourage, dispirited place like the Democrats after the 2004 election. With his many failures in foreign and domestic policy, I was convinced that Obama would be a one-term President, yet he won reelection (although by a lesser margin, and Democrats gained fewer seats in the US Senate compared to the GOP in 2004).

I then recalled how the 2004-2005 Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean responded to the Democratic doldrums: The Fifty-State Strategy. In 2006, Democrats won seats in more conservative regions like Ohio and Pennsylvania that year. In 2013, US Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) suggested a more libertarian stance on certain issues (I agreed, since  less government is essentially consistent with the GOP platform), to put more states into play. Even Karl Rove started talking about a Fifty State Strategy.  Soon after, I contacted all the deep blue states, especially in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions: Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, and of course, Rhode Island.

Rhode Island was interesting especially because I knew about the Chafees, and the intrigue of a Republican turned Independent becoming Governor was too much to pass up. Liberal Rhode Island had pushed massive pension reforms (supposedly), with the same attorney who had helped out San  Jose, CA. That pension issue has bankrupted four cities in CA, and was a crisis point of discussion.

I love writing, and I began sharing my take on issues in the state, hoping to help flip Rhode Island and make it go red again.  One editor offered me space for a weekly column on his website, and broadened my appeal. I also made lasting connections with RIGOP leadership, then found myself getting involved in disturbing controversies which (should) have national implications: the DePetro boycott, the pension crisis, 38 Studios, the Avedisian-McKay spat, the RI Gubernatorial elections (precursors to the national Democratic divides), the Providence mayoral elections, RhodeMapRI, the rampant corruption and destruction which follows Democratic dominance. There is a lot going on in Rhode Island which more people across the country should know about.

Roger Williams

Oh, and I am big fan of Roger Williams!

4. Having been born and raised in liberal-leaning California, what is the origin of your conservative ideology?

My parents were conservative, law-abiding, Bible-reading people. At an early age, when Democrat Bill Clinton was running for President, I realized that integrity and honesty were key components for an elected official. Bush 41 had lied about not raising taxes. Ross Perot was the immediate draw for me. I believe that life begins at conception, and science confirms this. In fact, the conservative world view has a lot of science which confirms it.

In effect , I am a conservative because I am interested in the truth of things, rather than believing whatever makes me feel good. The truth does set you free, and having an accurate awareness of what is true, based on fact, research, statistics, and legacy, all reveal that a limited government based on constitutional rule, which respects individual liberty, i.e. a conservative state, is the best way to govern a country, as well as a state or municipality.

5. In 5 words or less, what is America's your prescription, or best dose of medicine that can fix what ails us?

Elect concerned courageous, consistent, conservative representatives. (Notice that I did not write “Republican”, since party affiliation is not a necessary condition for anything)

6. Which is scarier? A Democrat controlled White House? or Democrat controlled Congress?

Oh brother, like Charybdis and Scylla. I would have to say a Democratic President, since Democratic majorities caved to President Bush and his demand for a troop surge in Iraq, which was the right thing to do. President Obama is a reckless executive, ignoring the rule of law and arbitrarily exercising discretion with abandon, and doing real harm to this country.
Much of the lawlessness were are enduring in this country stems from lawless executives, including the current occupant in the White House. We need better leadership in this country.

7. Anything else you want to tell us?
Just stay tuned, Rhode Islanders!


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