Sunday, April 12, 2015

Democratic Solution to Drought? Stop Eating Meat!

The Torrance Democratic Club is keenly aware of the water problem affecting the state, and the damaging long-term consequences of drought should concern all Californians, regardless of their party affiliation.

However, the latest solution offered to address the water shortage should make even the most uninterested of residents wonder: what are the Democratic Party leaders thinking, and why does the Torrance Democratic Club advance these unthinking ideas?

One of their posts seemed unfeeling in its inanity:

The best way to solve the drought problem? Stop eating meat!

Of course, no one talks about the years of legislation and resources wasted on protecting ancillary wildlife at the expense of businesses, farms, and individual consumers. The Democrats could have listed the frequent number of missed opportunities when the Democratic legislature could have passed measures to revitalize or strengthen deltas and acquifers. Storage units for rainfall and runoff, along with desalinization plants would have assisted the state with overcoming the aggravated drought.

No. Let's just tell people to stop eating meat! Why stop there? Why not stop eating and drinking altogether? Californians will waste away or die off, and the water shortage will be a thing of the past, because no one will be left standing to complain about the drought in the first place!

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