Sunday, April 12, 2015

The CTA Agenda -- Where's the Education?

The California Teachers Association is one of the most powerful lobbying forces in the Golden State.

This is common knowledge not just because repeated attempts to implement teacher tenure reforms, as well as paycheck protection, merit pay for teachers, and school choice meet untimely defeat, but because state senator Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica/South Bay) affirmed their support as crucial for certain types of legislation.

On the CTA website, any cursory review will find a list of legislative proposals and initiatives opposed or promoted by the union. Their politicized opposition to certain bills, plus their partisan pandering to other pieces of legislation, beg the question:

Where's the Education?

Two bad bills would repeal the cap on school district reserves
Help Defeat AB 1048 (Baker) and SB 774 (Fuller)

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Why would the state teachers union want to make it hard for school districts to be responsible with taxpayer funds? Every time a district runs desperately low on revenues, massive layoffs and cuts ensue. Why make it harder for teachers to stay employed? Why make it harder for students to get a quality education?

Cosponsor and Support the Social Security Fairness Act of 2015
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Excuse me? What does Social Security have to do with educating young people? Social Security Fairness - isn't that the purview of AARP? Are there not other interest groups which can (and should?) focus on retirement of the elderly?

Oppose private school vouchers
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What do public school unions have against private schools and vouchers? Private schools do a demonstrably better job of education young people, at a fraction of the cost. No wonder teachers unions are hell-bent to stop their promotion, prosperity, and proliferation. Taxpayers deserve to their money well-spent and properly invested, even if it means expanding voucher programs and allowing inner city kids to seek a quality education in a parochial school.

Oppose GOP Budget that cuts education
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What cuts to education? Why are public schools relying on federal aid to begin with?

Urge Congress to Extend the Educator Tax Deduction
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Great idea. I support this conclusion. Why not eliminate the income tax altogether, and demand that the federal government live within its means, and get out of the education business entirely?

Tell Congress to raise the federal minimum wage
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Why force up the minimum wage and frustrate young opportunities to seek better jobs? Have the educators paid any attention to what forced wage hikes have done in Seattle, and how they actually increase unemployment?
Tell your Representative to support immigration reform (H.R. 15)
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What does immigration "reform" have to do with education? If reform means securing our borders and protecting our kids from illegal aliens, then everyone in the country, not just member of the CTA, should be calling and writing their legislators.

Tell Congress to support the Voting Rights Amendment Act (S. 1945)
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Voting Rights Act has accomplished what it set out to do. This country needs Voter ID to protect the franchise so dear to all Americans.
Extend unemployment benefits
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What?! How about extending education and employment opportunities?

Tell your Senators that charter schools should be more transparent and accountable
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Of course! Let's expect the same transparency and accountability from public schools, too. The disaster and corruption which has become Centinela Valley should alarm all stakeholders, parents, and taxpayers. What that school board and former superintendent got away with should lead to demands not just of more transparency, but also school choice.

Students need good nutrition to succeed
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Certainly, but who will pay for it? Where are the parents, where are the private charities, the churches, and the local community leaders to step in and parent those kids who have no parents at home to care for them? Does the CTA really believe that public schools should turn into overburdened community centers which take over parental control of the parents?

The political agenda of unions like the California Teachers Association, on display in their agenda workpage, showcase that their liberal interests are not in the best interests of students, education, or the country. Where is the respect for the United States Constitution? What about choice for students, parents, families, and local communities? Where is the discussion about economic growth and awareness?

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