Monday, December 22, 2014

Run, Warren, Run (Walker Will Win)

Ed Garvey (The Cap Times

Mr. Ed Garvey of the Cap Times shares his deep frustration with President Obama and the Democratic Party.

No one can begrudge his disappointment. Obama has damaged his party’s brand  because of his failed domestic programs (Stimulus, Obamacare) and interventionist foreign policy, (Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria). Obama has also alienated key supporters, including African-Americans through his support for gay marriage and opposition to school choice, but to liberal Hispanic interests, with his repeated promises to enact sweeping amnesty, yet refusing to follow through.

Today, President Obama’s administration mirrors the myriad domestic failures of another Big Government progressive: Lyndon Baines Johnson, complete with repeated funding for interminable, now unwinnable wars, nation-wide race riots, overburdened entitlement programs, and a distressing veneer of dishonor, even hatred for authority, including random attacks on police and disregard for our nation’s borders from rising waves of illegal immigrants.
US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts)

I predict that Mr. Garvey’s wish will be granted: ultra-liberal progressive Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts will be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President in 2016. One of few Washington Democrats with a recent electoral victory, plus a growing fan base, she has attracted more attention following the 2014 shellacking which surpassed the Democratic Party’s losses in 2010.

While Garvey expects her to fulfill the hopes and keep the promises of her progressive predecessor, I anticipate that her controversial, yet spirited campaign will resemble another Democratic candidate, George McGovern, and she will alienate independents, galvanize conservatives, and persuade centrists to elect a Republican for President: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.
File:Scott Walker 2014 Wisconsin Governor Victory Party.jpg
Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin)

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