Thursday, December 11, 2014

Democrats are Voting for a Shut-Down (Fine!)

I have contacted the two Democratic Congressional members who represent Torrance:

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (The Crazy Black Lady) and Congressman Henry Waxman (Mr. Cap and Trade).

Congresswoman Waters' office signaled their rejection of HR 83, otherwise known as the CRomnibus, up front. I was particularly surprised that her DC office staff asked me my specific concerns about the legislation.

I support gutting the EPA, the IRS, as well as loosening Dodd-Frank. However, I do not support funding President Obama's executive amnesty, even if for a few months. Most of all, I despise the backroom, last-minute dealings which have occluded and transparency in this process.

Obamacare-style budgeting has to stop.

As for Congressman Henry Waxman, who was busy in some meetings, one of the senior office staff informed me that he was opposed to the legislation. He has not published a press release, although he had shared with staff his decision to vote No.

When the Tea Party and the Leftists agree on something, either it is the sign of the Second Coming, or a signal for a Rebirth of Freedom

By the way, what is the CRomnibus?

Cromnibus: Continuing Resolution and Omnibus legislation, otherwise known as House Resolution 83.

Earlier today, the House voted on rules regarding the legislation, which would require the House to accept the legislation in its entirety, or reject it completely. Conservative and extreme liberals were disgusted with this outcome, which narrowly passed by one vote. The close outcomes are getting slimmer as the clock ticks on the Democratic majority in the US Senate.

In addition to calling the Torrance, CA Congressional representatives, I contacted House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's office. The staff there were also very respectful, giving time and attention to explain their plan.

At all costs, the House Leadership has sought to avoid a government shut-down.

Now I find that the Democrats are the ones instigating  fight over the funding.

The US Senator leading the charge at this time? Progressive Liberal Mouth-Piece Elizabeth Warren, the left-wing version of Ted Cruz, not just in rhetoric and passion, but presidential aspirations.

The Republicans have tried to be adults about the whole process. Conservative writers in Breitbart and Truth Revolt have suggested, quite persuasively, that the GOP leadership secretly celebrates President Obama's Executive Amnesty, all while denigrating the President and thus firing up the base.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas)

The readers, the writers, the bloggers, and every voting citizen tired of business as usual is not falling in line with any agenda at this time. Like Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas,  I believe that the House should introduce distinct, transparent, individual appropriations bills for each of the twelve departments of government. Start with the bare essentials, like funding our troops and their military resources. Then fund border security, debt reduction, etc.

Every bill will force the US Senate to take hard votes, further marginalizing a Democratic caucus made much smaller.

I stand with recently-elected David Brat of Virginia and other conservatives in Washington: let the Democrats own the consequences for shutting down the federal government, for refusing to stand up to President Obama and his lawless executive actions.

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