Saturday, March 23, 2013

Neworth, Bush-Bashing, and the Military-Industrial-Complex

The War in Iraq was a mistake. Many conservatives stated that before the authorization for war, and many more concede as much now. Whether “Bush lied, people died” remains up for discussion. Five separate intelligence agencies concluded that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, including France and Germany, which refused to allocate troops to the region. However, putting aside the heavy, heated partisanship of Jack Neworth’s latest letter, let us remember that Democrats also authorized the war, including Santa Monica’s own Henry Waxman, who resisted supporting articles of impeachment against President Bush. Instead he was investigating steroid use in baseball and ignoring the plight of our veterans. Also, the Democratically controlled Congress in 2007 approved Bush’s troop surge.

National building was and remains a foolish policy, one which Israeli activist Natan Sharansky impugned without first establishing a culture of natural right and respect through law and order. Unfortunately, our nation’s leaders still refuse to learn this lesson, but we the voters do not have to forget. So far, the United States military-industrial complex is staying out of Syria, a quagmire of differing tribal and religious factions which will only get worse.

If anyone demands prosecuting President Bush, then impeach President Obama, too; but not just for “war crimes”, but for “domestic insurrection”, because of massive debts, deficits, and unconscionable transfers of wealth from the US Treasury to bailout “Too Big to Fail” Banks. They are “Too Big to Exist” because of the “Military-Industrial-Complex”, which is something worth getting angry about.

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