Monday, March 4, 2013

Folllowing Up on Legislators

How much longer will the residents of the Beach Cities have to wait before State Senator Ted Lieu hosts a townhall meeting in Redondo Beach?  He should have scheduled something by now, since his new “deferral areas” include Rancho Palos Verdes, along with Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Senator Lieu mocked the newly appointed California GOP Chairman Jim Brulte, claiming “his position is like coaching the Cleveland Browns”, because of the “deeply loyal base” with “little chance of winning.” Voters want a legislator who cares about humans. Lieu cares about animals. Animals can't vote, people do. Who has the loyal but losing base, then?

Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi has moved into his new office in Torrance, CA. When will he tell the voters about his plans to protect Prop 13, to resist the public sector union lobby which is crippling our schools and our city services, and when will he recant the slanderous attacks he made against his previous political opponent? Honesty and integrity are in greater need, but in such lacking supply.

Congressman Henry Waxman blames Republicans for resisting compromise on the much needed sequester, which is cutting two cents from every dollar in the federal budget. Waxman co-sponsored mandatory funding of postal workers’ benefits decades in advance, which has bankrupted the Postal Service and deprived voters of Saturday Service. Obama-WaxmanCare is creating doctor shortages and premium hikes, plus higher taxes. Waxman needs to explain these issues.  Voters deserve more than  “I don’t know!”, “I’m sorry!”, and “We’re not broke!”

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