Thursday, March 7, 2013

GOP Needs to Be Schooled on Walker's Education Budget

In elementary school, most people learn that one should compliment one’s friends in public, but criticize them only in private. Fitzgerald has criticized Governor Scott Walker’s proposed education budget to the Associated Press, a media conglomerate which is associated with liberal, union interests and disconnected from the best interest of vouchers, school choice, or freedom in education for students and parents. State senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald needs to go back to school and learn how to treat Walker, his Republican colleague and leader.

Governor Walker wants to expand the private voucher program in the state. Giving parents a choice where they enroll their children will benefit all schools: public, private, and charter. He also wants to freeze per pupil spending for the public schools, in order to keep private property taxes low. Most homeowners are forced to pay for a public service which they do not directly benefit from, while they enjoy less and less on their return. Act 10 freed up school districts to renegotiate contracts with the teachers unions. Freezing per pupil spending will enforce spending cuts while forcing schools to live within their means.

Governor Walker wants to give charter schools more autonomy and offer vouchers to special needs students. Charter schools prosper without public bureaucratic micromanagement. More freedom means better education. Of any select student population, students with special needs deserve to choose their education, public or private.

The state senate majority caucus is without excuse for raising a ruckus about Governor Walker’s education budget.

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