Saturday, June 18, 2011

Walker Wins in a Walk (and so does Wisconsin)


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's controversial bill to strip public unions of their bargaining rights has been upheld by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

It was a long battle. The majority of Wisconsonians elected a Republican majority to take out the Progressive choke-hold that was holding up the state's recovery.

Walker and his newly-formed Republican majorities in the state Legislature went to work, balancing the budget, avoiding taxes, and staving off en masse lay-offs.

The octopus responsible for the sclerotic hold-up on Madison? Two groups, actually, played a role.

1) The Democratic minority, which ran away to Illinois in order to prevent a quorum on the budget.

2) Public employee unions, the same source of trouble throttling the state of California. They clamored together in the streets of the capitol, denouncing the governor. If nothing else, unions are very good at getting a lot of angry people together.

Yet their spent outrage would not deter the rightfully-elected majority. TEA party advocates stepped out for the governor. Conservatives and limited-government advocates across the nation showed their support.

Even when a Democratic prosecutor sued to have the law blocked, even when one over-stretching judge held up the law on procedural grounds, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, one of whose members won a hard-fought reelection against a union-backed challenger, upheld the law.

Public unions have had their last gasp in the Dairy State. In Ohio and other states across the Midwest, other public unions are attempting the same last-ditch efforts to shore up their ebbing strength, all to no avail.

It would appear that the era of Big Government is waning, if not ending.

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