Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kerry and McCain, Arrogant Also-Rans Hijacking U.S. Foreign Policy

Kerry, you got Bush-whacked! (2004)

McCain, Obama bombed you out! (2008)

Guys, the election is over. Neither of you is Chief Executive. You do not appreciate the taxing strain of extended military conflicts on this country's budget and infrastructure.

Senator McCain, why would you give Obama another military junket to distract the American people from his failed domestic policies?

Yet why do you play foreign policy like the Commanders-in-Chief that you never were?

The United States Armed Forces must withdraw from Libya. This nation needs to redirect its dwindling resources toward shoring up outrageous debt and staunching hemorrhaging entitlement programs (which should be abolished as soon as possible).

Afghanistan is a failed mission. We are propping up a klepto-president who is enabling the odious opium trade while dallying with the very Taliban that we tried to neutralize ten years ago.

After years of aid and military reconnaissance, the Iraqi still struggles to form a stable government. They are also making alarming overtures to Iran.

We got Bin Laden. Iraq must care for its own. Syria is teeming with unrest which spilling out across the Levant. Iran is preparing nuclear weapons dedicated to eradicating Israel, this nation's one loyal ally in the Middle East.

The United States has more pressing foreign policy concerns than dethroning a petty, drag-queen megalomaniac choking on his own self-importance in a third-tier African backwater.

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