Monday, June 20, 2011

Mass Amnesia in China

"He who controls the Present controls the Past.

He who controls the Past controls the Future." -- George Orwell

Tienanmen Square: June 1989. The scene of a failed attempt by the Chinese people for Democratic reform. The world took note when one lone briefcase man withstood a long column of tanks, only to be spirited away by members of the Red Army.

Fast forward 22 years, and tragically, it appears that today's youth in China have no knowledge of the massacre which dispersed would-be democrats demonstrating for reform.

Preoccupied with new hyper-technologies, fighting to strike out in the expanding economic world, the exploding population of Chinese youth is losing memory of the core fight that was waged for a crucial point. At issue: would the people of the People's Republic of China decide whether they will be able to enjoy their economic freedom, or be forced to tow the Party line and buttress the cruel Red China authoritarian regime.

Yet there are cracks showing in the facade of imposed sino-amnesia. Chinese publications operating state-side keep the world informed of the harsh Communist regime's increasingly feckless tactics. Human Rights functions which celebrate persecuted activists remind the world, if not the Chinese population as a whole, that Beijing enjoys economic growth at the expense of its people, not on their behalf.

Within, growing labor unrest is shaking the enforced policy-comity which has branded the Red Regime since its inception. Struggling farmers seeking a better life in the burgeoning urban centers are protesting the unending corruption and neo-feudal shackles which have imposed long-term poverty on millions of ethnic Chinese. The labor uprisings in Inner Mongolia also point to the volatile trend of populist unrest slowly weaving its way through the country. All of this combined with the ethnic revolts in the Uighur regions of Western China, and by many accounts, The Communist Regime is losing to fight of state-sponsored forgetting (all in spite of the State spin machine to keep these developments quiet from the world).

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