Thursday, June 9, 2011

President of Yemen Badly Hurt, other Dictators Going Down

President Saleh of Yemen has fled Sanaa after rebel strikes hit his compound a few days ago.

His destination: Saudi Arabia, where all deposed dictators seem to seek refuge.

Recent updates suggested that Saleh fared far worse than previously released, with wounds to his upper bound and 40% of his body burned. It would appear that this ruthless ruler will not be returned into power.

Syria'a Assad is also imperilled, not personally but militarily, as more of his elite soldiers are breaking ranks, just like the key members of the armed forces in Yemen. Bashar's days are numbered.

With Libya's Gadhafi further impounded by NATO, his forces faltering and the rebels winning, these major dictators in the region our foundering, with the threat of growing civil war in the Middle East.

The Jasmine Revolution is breaking into a scorching Summer as longstanding strongmen in the region are wilting under populist pressure. Military personnel defecting, political henchmen resigning, coalition forces firing on leaders who have turned on their own people, all spell doom for the no-longer indeterminate dictators of the Middle East.

One can only speculate, however, if the withering summer will lead to a robust autumn harvest and a stable hibernation to follow.

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