Monday, June 20, 2011

Christie Takes on Inferred Hypocrisy on Education

Last week, one New Jersey constituent challenged Governor Christie for stripping away funding from public education, yet at the same time sending his own children to private schools.

Apparently, the woman posing the questions was alluding the Governor's apparent hypocrisy in upending the revenue for the state school system. As in: why would he go to any lengths to protect k-12 education, since his kids are not enrolled to begin with.

He retorted very sharply: "It's none of your business!" Yet he gave an reasonable set of explanations for sending his own kids to a private school:

1) He and his wife want their children to have a parochial education

2) They spend $38,000 in property taxes to fund failing schools, which they do not want their kids to suffer through.

3) He has also pointed out that because the teachers' union in New Jersey refused to permit teachers to fund 1.5% more toward their benefits' packages, the state was forced to cut One Billion dollars in funding to the k-12 system, which forced the massive layoffs and down-sizing across the state.

It is a low blow for a voter to go after the family. It is inexcusable to insinuate any double-talk because one statesman recognizes the poverty of public education and wants to ensure at all costs that his kids are properly trained for the adult world.

On the other hand, the Governor better keep his cool, not give off the impression that he is easy to set off. His calm approach to negotiations, his direct talk, his blunt style all depend on keeping an even keel.

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