Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Open Letter to Governor Abbott: Open the Economy Back Up (Science Makes It OK)

April 21, 2020

The Honorable Greg Abbott
1010 Colorado St.
Austin, Texas 78701

Dear Governor Abbott,

Please receive my kind regards which I extend to you with this letter. 

With this correspondence I want to thank you for your leadership in getting Texans back to work, and establishing a commission to provide you with advice and counsel to get the job done as quickly as possible.

You are under a lot of pressure, and I intend to develop statewide support for your goal of getting Texans back to work, back to school, and back to church.

With this correspondence I would like to offer you my perspective.

There is no need to continue to lock down our state, close businesses and churches, or quarantine our citizens. Please allow me to explain why.

On April 16, 2020, Dr. Isaac Ben Israel, professor at Tel Aviv University, Israel, published his mathematical model which demonstrates that lockdowns to stop the spread of the coronavirus have been pointless. He reported that the growth and decline of coronavirus infections has a very similar pattern in almost every country, whether they had total lockdown, or kept their businesses, schools and churches open, such as Sweden, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea. The key point is that lockdowns have made no difference in the spread of COVID-19.

I have been saying this publicly since lockdowns and closing of restaurants were first discussed in early March.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is a world-renowned immune system expert who received his doctorate from M.I.T. in Biological Engineering.  He has called the coronavirus situation the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American public.

Since graduating from the University of Texas in Houston in 1976, the medical centers which I have owned have treated over 40,000 patients. In 1989 I established the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in Houston, Texas, which promotes natural approaches to ensure that our patients obtain and maintain health and wellness without pharmaceutical drugs. The goals that I have with each one of our patients is to enable them to 1) strengthen their immune system and 2) increase their energy level.

It is from my 44 years of clinical experience that I make the following observations and recommendations.

The treatment cannot be worse than the disease, but the government’s handling of this manufactured crisis has proven to be much worse.

It appears that the current strategy for the coronavirus situation is a shot gun approach which is causing a tremendous amount of collateral damage. It seems that your advisors do not understand the cost risk benefit equation. By declaring an all-out war on a viral infection that pales in significance when compared to the major causes of disease and death in the world and in the United States, they have destroyed, in four weeks, our tremendous Texas economy.

If we spent the same amount of time, money and effort that we have spent on this coronavirus situation, educating our citizens on how to obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally, without pharmaceutical drugs, then we could dramatically reduce the morbidity and mortality rate of numerous diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and cancer. In 2019, 2.8 million Americans died of these and other disease. This is 7,700 deaths per day. The COVID-19 pales in significance when compared to these other causes of disease and death in the U.S. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that upwards of 64,000 Americans have died of the flu since October 1, 2019.  That is 344 deaths daily from the flu.

This all-out war, which is a shot gun approach, toward stopping the coronavirus infections, has led to the lock down of businesses, churches, schools and public events, and to the quarantining of the population. This has destroyed the tremendous economy that Texans have developed under your leadership and has caused a huge amount of collateral damage to our fellow Texans.

Over a million Texans have lost their jobs in the first month of shutting down the economy. At an average of $50,000 per employee, this represents a $50 billion annual loss in personal income.

This loss of personal income will inevitably have an adverse effect on Texas’ state government revenue. A significant portion of this income would have been spent on taxable items.  If half of this amount would have been spent on taxable items, then this would represent a future loss of $1.56 billion in state tax revenue. In order to balance the state budget, either services will have to be cut or new taxes raised. As you are well aware, the job losses have just begun.

As of April 21st, 2020, the Texas Department of Health Services reports that 517 Texans are confirmed or presumed to have died from COVID-19.  This means that for every person who has died of this disease, 2,000 Texans have lost their jobs. This is outrageous. Just consider the cost risk benefit.  It is wrong public policy to destroy 2,000 Texans’ lives to try and save one life. In our political system, the government has no right to make this choice. This would only happen in a socialistic, communist system.

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said that the coronavirus economic freeze could cost 47 million jobs nationwide and send the unemployment rate past 32%, according to St. Louis Fed projections. This will occur in Texas as well, unless we get Texans back to work right now.

Millions of businesses and individuals nationwide are on the verge of or already have declared bankruptcy. A large percentage of these businesses and individuals are in Texas. 

As the CEO of Hotze Health & Wellness Center in Houston, Texas, and as the CEO of Conservative Republicans of TexasI have been communicating with over 230,000 individuals, who by the way are voters, who follow me on my social media platforms, specifically, my Facebook accounts, Hotze Health, Texans Back to Work, Conservative Republicans of Texas, and CRTX News. I am also affiliated with Open Texas, which has over 35,000 members, who are also voters. The biggest concern my followers have is about the unwarranted destruction of their businesses and their jobs, as well as the loss of their constitutional liberties.

The government employed health bureaucrats, the fake news media, conventional medicine gurus, and the socialist politicians, have intentionally created irrational fear, mass hysteria and panic among the public. We are now experiencing the greatest mass delusion in our country’s history. Our so-called leaders have fallen hook, line and sinker for this false narrative. This is leading us down the path of state and national economic suicide that will have terrible, adverse public health and economic consequences for years and decades to come. 

Unfortunately, the government health bureaucrats have little or no clinical experience in treating patients, and yet they are making unilateral, monumental decisions about the direction we are taking with the coronavirus situation. Not one of them has talked about how individuals can strengthen their immune systems by eating healthy, taking vitamin and mineral supplementation, exercising daily and having a good night’s sleep.

When I appeared on the National Fox News Coronavirus Update on Sunday, March 15th, I told the listening audience not to put their confidence in the government, rather, I advised them to take charge of their own health by strengthening their immune system by following my ABCDZ immune system program. Vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, and Zinc are essential to strengthening the immune system.

Please allow me to underscore my key point in this letter. There is no need to continue to lock down our state, close businesses and churches, or quarantine our citizens. The COVID-19 pales in significance when compared to the other causes of disease and death in the U.S. and worldwide.

The rifle approach, which I recommend, is simple. It would encourage the infirm and debilitated elderly, and those with preexisting health conditions to sequester themselves, until herd immunity can be built among the rest of society.

Every healthy person should go back to work, back to school, and back to church and build that herd immunity.

With this correspondence I have enclosed my April 2020 Hotze Healthy Living newsletter, entitled The Coronavirus Issue.

You are probably aware that I have filed a lawsuit against you which demonstrates that the coronavirus situation does not give you or any government official the authority to violate a citizen’s Texas constitutional rights of worship, peaceable assembly or running a business. These are God given, unalienable rights. The civil government exists to protect these rights. Furthermore, neither you nor any lesser magistrate has the authority to close businesses, restrict church services, quarantine healthy individuals, mandate social distancing, or force people to wear masks. 

Unfortunately, while well-intentioned, your executive order has set a dangerous precedent.  That is why I am asking the state court to rule your executive order unconstitutional. This will also protect Texans from any future despot who would tyrannically seek to control the lives of individuals, churches and businesses.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is my expert witness, and his affidavit is included.

As Christians, rather than being fearful, we should be confident, because we place our trust in our Sovereign God and in His divine providence, especially in times of adversity. “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind. – 2 Timothy 1:7

We should demonstrate the courage of our Christian, Biblical convictions. When the world is in bedlam and hysteria is the order of the day, we can place our trust in the Lord God of Hosts and face the future with confidence and equanimity. We should claim this promise from His word for ourselves, our families, and friends.  “No evil will befall me, nor any plague enter my tent.” – Psalm 91:10

Let’s get Texans back to work, back to school and back to church now.

Texas can lead the way for the entire nation, so let’s get after it.

Please let me know how I may be of service to you.

Praying for every success in your efforts to get Texas moving again, I remain, as always,

Sincerely yours,

Steven Hotze, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer

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