Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Victory, Not Containment: The Pro-Family Movement Must Tear Down the LGBT Wall

The year 2019 was the 30th Anniversary of two pivotal moments in the fight against Communist tyranny. The first is The Tiananmen Square Massacre, a protest-turned-brutal reminder that Communism was unsparing in its malevolence. Chinese citizens protested Beijing’s communistic despotism, expressing the natural, fundamental longing to be free. They protested for democratic reforms. One man with a briefcase blocked a phalanx of army tanks, showing ready courage to resist communist tyranny.  In response, the Chinese military stormed the public square, slaughtering thousands. That day, the world could no longer ignore the obvious: the free world could not coexist with Communism and hope for détente. Like a virulent cancer, Communism needed to be exterminated, not accommodated.

In contrast to those June protests, November 1989 witnessed a stirring victory against Communism. Germans celebrated the collapse of the Soviet Union and demolished the Berlin Wall. Generations young and old embraced a new future, one in which the horrid divide between the Communist East and the Free West came crashing down in front of them. As travel restrictions between East and West feel, freedom fighters scaled the hateful Berlin Wall, vaunting the victory of liberty over tyranny. For thirty years, citizens of the Eastern Bloc had rushed the Berlin Wall in their attempts to flee Communism tyranny, only to be gunned down by Soviet turrets. That day, no one could stop the Germans rushing from East to West. With welcome glee, Germans on both sides took picks and axes and began breaking down the Berlin Wall.

All of a sudden, the symbol and substance of Communism came down, but the blows that brought down the Berlin Wall started much earlier in a debate half a world away. In 1967, then-California Governor Ronald Reagan was discussing with US Senator Robert F. Kennedy the United States’ role in fighting communism. Reagan declared: “I think the Berlin Wall should disappear.”

Reagan: "I would like to see the Berlin Wall Disappear"

 Europeans in general, and Western intellectuals in particular laughed. For them, Communism was a fait accompli. Everyone just needed to accept it. Rather than fighting back to eradicate that evil ideology, Western powers placated communist regimes and contained its spread as best as they could. That weak, ineffective approach didn’t cut it for Reagan. He wanted to consign Communism to “the ash heap of history,” not just stop its spread. He was committed to that vision until the day he was chopping off bits of the Berlin Wall’s bricks.

Today, the Pro-Family Movement is acting like the vast majority of Western leaders during Reagan’s day in regards to Communism. Instead of fighting against the LGBT onslaught to win, pro-family groups settle for failure and weak-kneed containment. Only thirty years ago, the LGBT lobby had peddled the lie that people are born gay, and therefore to oppose gays was total bigotry. Despite ample evidence proving otherwise, pro-family forces have given up fighting for what is right.
And what has been the result? First, pro-family have capitulated over and over:

 “We won’t throw you in jail for homosexual conduct, but keep it in your bedrooms.”

Then came the gay pride parades.

Gay Pride Parade in Toronto (notice the naked men around children in plain sight)

“You can have your gay marriage, but let us have our religious liberty!”

Then came the lawsuits against churches, charities, and small businesses.

“You can have your sex change operations, but don’t do it to my kids.”

Then came the court orders which forced parents to allow their children to undergo these horrendous, mutilating procedures. And now everyday people are begging for their liberty, only to face criminal prosecution for speaking out against homosexuality, transgenderism, and other paraphilias.

To succeed, the anti-LGBT movement must regain Reagan’s foresight and conviction. Reagan understood that Communism was a global ideology committed to world domination. Communist dictators were never going stay with their own borders, so Reagan knew that Communism needed to be crushed. Yet today the pro-family movement naïvely and cowardly believes that the LGBT Movement can be tolerated, as long as it remains within fixed boundaries. But the LGBT agenda has spread by force, ignoring the will of voters in the United States, throughout Europe, and now in South East Asia, where millions of Taiwanese voters supported natural marriage, but the government imposed gay marriage anyway.

Today, the LGBT Movement’s ruthless domination cannot be ignored. Major corporations celebrate Pride Month, shoving the corrupted six-color rainbow in consumers’ faces. Social media platforms celebrate all things LGBT and shut down anyone who disagrees. 

Drag Queens force their LGBT ideologies onto unwitting children in taxpayer-funded libraries. Parents cannot opt their children out of learning LGBT History and sexually explicit behaviors in government schools.

Only now is it finally dawning on people what MassResistance President Brian Camenker declared in 2013 said about the LGBT Agenda: “The slippery slope is real.”

"The slippery slope is real." -- Brian Camenker
Check out "What Gay Marriage Did to Massachusetts" video for more info

Like President Ronald Reagan confronting communism with the express intent of eradicating it, pro-family activists need to wake up and defeat the LGBT Agenda.  We have to strike at the core of this Big Gay Lie and knock it down. Consider what President Ronald Reagan told Gorbachev right in front of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin: "Tear Down This Wall!"

Reagan did not worry about diplomatic platitudes. He didn’t play nice and say: "You can have your Communism on that side of the wall. Just don't bring it to our side." That weak, accommodationist containment strategy of the previous three decades gave the world Pol Pot’s Killing Fields, Che Guevara, and Tiananmen Square. Reagan’s bold, relentless conviction tore down the hated Berlin Wall, and with it the entire bloody fraud of Communism.

Today, the Pro-Family Movement must stop accommodation the LGBT Agenda, but tear down the LGBT wall. The whole agenda is a prison which has kept victimized millions, and now billions are forced to accommodate this tyranny or pay the price.  Communism is a lie. The LGBT Movement is rife with lies. The only way to stop lies is to fight them with the truth. Let’s follow Reagan’s example to consign this LGBT agenda to the ash heap of history.

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