Monday, December 2, 2019

El Cajon School Board Trustee Blasts Sues Board, Superintendent in Federal Court

FYI, Here is what I sent out on Wednesday:

To our family & friends,

Most important Happy Thanksgiving to everyone & we have so much to be thankful for this year. As we reflect on the last year I wanted to update everyone as so much has happened in the last 24 hours & I would like to share with you before you hear it from someone else. As you know over the last year plus I have been continuing to ask for accountability & transparency on this board but I have been blocked, marginalized & retaliated against, so I have had no choice after much council & praying I had no choice but to file a lawsuit against the Superintendent & fellow board members in Federal Court for Civil Rights Violations that will protect my rights to serve my community.

Here is news story by 7/39 Huge Thank you to Paul Kruze & Miriam with East County Magazine for their continued support for me during this last year that has been very tough. My wonderful attorney team Mike Aguirre & Mia for there faith in me and their dedication to right a wrong that’s being done to me thus the district ( David & board) not allowing me to do my job that I was elected to do last November and for the last 25 years. As we have Thanksgiving day tomorrow we are very blessed! I can’t thank all of you ( my friends) enough for your support during this time of retaliation. I know that soon the great work in the district will be again the priority that it should be & the focus will once again be back to what’s best for our students, staff & community over retaliation for me trying doing my job. Please continue to pray for us as it will be fighting for what’s right. I’m honored to serve my community & will continue to be your voice on the Cajon Valley School Board.

Love you all & Happy Thanksgiving, The Barto’s (Jill Barto)

As always I’m asking for continued prayers & available if you have any questions as this maybe a surprise to some.

Copy of Federal Complaint filed Tuesday:

NBC Story last night:

East County Magazine:

Jill D. Barto
Governing Board Member
Cajon Valley Union School District

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