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Connecticut Declare War Against Nature and Nature's God, Bans Reparative Therapy for Minors

In Connecticut, a contingent of pro-family activists is rising up.

It doesn't take a lot of people to make a difference. Often, things can change for the better only because of a small team of dedicated people who wanted to make things right.

So much has been going wrong, however, in Connecticut, and if the residents of the Constitution State don't rise up, they will face worse backlashes to their liberties.

How could a state right in the heart of New England turn into such a failed trap of progressive folly?

It's gotten so bad now, that the state legislature decided to ban reparative therapy for minors, and both parties went along with it!

May 12, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Connecticut became the sixth state in the nation to ban pro-heterosexual therapy for minors, after not a single Republican (or Democrat) in the state Senate voted against the bill, which Gov. Dannel Malloy signed into law.

Shameful. A handful of Republicans in the lower chamber voted against this perverse folly, but the legislation still passed by wide margins.

No one should be surprised. Left-wing miscreant Dannel Malloy still runs the state house in Hartford. Is there any hope for this state?

Gov. Malloy, a pro-LGBTQ Democrat, rushed to sign the so-called "conversion therapy ban" bill at a ceremony in his office at the Capitol, in what the Hartford Courant called "his fastest bill signing in seven years."

This achievement is nothing to be proud of. The Connecticut state government just normalized deviance and destruction. They pushed aside good science and common sense for tyranny and illogic. This is nothing short of despicable.

The bill, SB 6695, “prohibits health care providers or anyone else engaged in trade or commerce from providing conversion therapy.” That term is used and promoted by LGBT and liberal activists to denigrate pro-heterosexual therapy, often called “reparative therapy.” Most media use the politicized “conversion” term.

It should be called "reparative therapy." At least this reporter recognizes that the term "conversion" therapy is flawed, politicized, and ultimately fraudulent.

In signing the bill, the governor said, "This is supported by the science. It's supported by our cultural awakening and awareness that we are a society of many different players and very different folks, and we shouldn't try to make everyone just like us,” he said, according to the Hartford Courant.

When a Democrat claim that some liberal measure is supported by "science", it's important to recognize that their concept of science has been hijacked by narrow-minded ideologues paid with big money, taxpayer dollars. This scam dominates colleges, the same institutions which have fallen from education to indoctrination.

“We should recognize that some people are simply not us, but that doesn't make them bad and it certainly doesn't make them mentally ill — and it certainly should not subject them, anyone, to therapies that we know don't work and aren't supported by science,” he said.

Notice the fundamental argument that the sexual preference, if you will, is treated as a part of the person's identity. Since when did one's sexual behavior become the final determinant for who we are? This is a sad precedent, something which the otherwise very tolerant Bill O'Reilly talked about after Rosie O'Donnell came out to the public.

The Connecticut Senate voted 36-0 to approve the bill and the state House voted 141-8 to pass it — stunning landslides considering that Republicans made historic gains in both houses riding the coattails of Donald Trump in November.

This lopsided outcome demonstrates that politics is about more than winning political parties. The outcomes we want depend on more than voting in November, but also staying on the legislators, demanding that they do the right thing by the constituents whom they made broad promises during campaign season. This neglect from the citizenry is a large reason why mismanagement and corruption have become the norm in state houses and the federal government.

One former homosexual, Greg Quinlan, called the liberal rush to ban "heterosexual therapy" for minors "hysteria."

“There is no real evidence of reparative therapy doing any harm,” said Quinlan, founder and president of the Garden State Families, adding that claims by LGBT activists of therapeutic “coercion” are unfounded. “There is no electric shock, there are no IVs to induce vomiting. It’s talk therapy, like any other therapy.”

Thank God for Quinlan. I met him during the 2016 Stand For Truth Conference in Houston, Texas. He talked a great deal about the corrupt, abusive practices of the public school systems in his home state. He is still fighting the good fight, thank goodness, as he has broken free of same-sex attraction and dysphoria.

We need more bold people like Quinlan who come forward with the truth and break free of behaviors which are deviant, destructive, and dangerous.

“Connecticut’s politicians succumbed to lies from the homosexual agenda,” he said. “They are pandering to the homosexual political left.”

This is the whole problem. Pro-family groups are not organizing effectively. This is why a minority of deviants wields disproportionate power in local and state politics across the country. Conservatives need to wise up and get organized.

Another ex-“gay” man, Christopher Doyle, a licensed therapist himself and co-coordinator the National Task Force for Therapy Equality, said Connecticut lawmakers effectively re-victimized sexually abused minors through their lopsided vote.

Yup. It's time to bring out the real victims, the men and women who have been set free from harmful behaviors because of reparative therapy. Most homosexuals are the victim of sexual abuse as children. For this reason, they struggle with their identity and make sense of the confusion and pain which resulted in relationships established on trust.

“While gay activists continue to get cheap victories in liberal states like Connecticut, the ones that are losing are vulnerable young people who are conflicted and confused about their sexual and gender identity, some of whom arrived at their confusion due to sexual molestation,” said Doyle, who has fought liberal bans against reparative therapy across the country.

Mr. Doyle has been successful, and we recognize his support when MassResistance stopped the full-on ban on reparative therapy for adults in California. The tide is turning also because Massachusetts could not pass a similar ban, and Governor Paul LePage of Maine vetoed a similar bill during his final term as chief executive.

“So now, the state has raped them again: first, at the hands of their abusers, and second, at the hands of ignorant politicians who know nothing about mental health or the young people whom they are supposedly protecting,” he said.

Very powerful image. It's time for us to confront every lawmaker who wants to deprive children and adults of reparative therapy. There is no excuse for such unfounded, hateful abuse.

A recent meta-analysis in the journal The New Atlantis by leading psychiatric scholars Lawrence Mayer, Ph.D, and Dr. Paul McHugh found that “compared to heterosexuals, non-heterosexuals are about two to three times as likely to have experienced childhood sexual abuse.”

This is the kind of research and reporting which Americans need to read. It's just not happening right now. This has to change.

“Instead of protecting the rights of minors, these politicians are lining their pockets with political kickbacks from gay activists. Shame on them!” said the Virginia-based Doyle, who also heads up the ex-“gay” group Equality and Justice for All.


Meanwhile, homosexual and “transgender” activists celebrated SB 6695’s enactment.

"Transgenderism" is part of this insanity. It's time to take a stand.

“The reason that Connecticut is taking this step is really the confluence of evidence about this treatment,” said Sen. Beth Bye, D-West Hartford, reported the CTPost. Sen. Bye is “a lesbian who cited that 40 organizations, including all mental-health professionals, supported the legislation,” according to the report.

This report does the right thing when he places the word "lesbian" in quotes. It's time to stop treating these identities as real and final. All of this is wrong.

Connecticut now becomes the sixth state to ban pro-heterosexual therapy for minors, joining California, Vermont, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico and the District of Columbia.

New Jersey and New Mexico passed this legislation with a Republican governor's signature. That is wrong.

LifeSiteNews spoke with several grassroots pro-family activists involved in opposing this legislation. Most were disappointed that the Connecticut Catholic Conference did not play a leading role in fighting against it.

Wow. This is beyond shameful. Where is the Body of Christ? Where are the Christians? We need men and women of faith to rise up and shine again. They don't want to do anything, it seems. They are more interested in getting along to go along. What?!

According to several sources, some speaking on background, the Catholic Conference barely resisted SB 6695, putting forth no direct lobby effort in the Capitol and getting involved only in the last couple of days before its passage to attempt to ensure that it did not undermine religious freedom.

I have head this story many times, and not just in Connecticut.

A call seeking comment from the Connecticut Catholic Conference was not returned.

CJ Doyle, chairman of the Boston-based Catholic Action League, told LifeSiteNews that “as a general matter, the [Catholic] Church has been very tepid in resisting the homosexual agenda. Unfortunately, while they’re still willing to take a strong position against abortion, they’re weak on homosexuality.”

The Catholic Church is not fighting this issue at all. Why? The hierarchy welcomed in many homosexuals into the priesthood. The problems have grown from bad to worse since then. The massive pedophilia overwhelming the different Catholic organizations and throughout the leadership, all the way up to the Vatican, have awakened serious concerns and full outrage from the faithful laity.

Is anyone surprised, then, to see the explosion of criminal behavior and sexual perversion? Is anyone surprised that the Catholic "church" has chosen not to take a meaningful stand against wickedness?

Doyle extended the reluctance to oppose the LGBTQ agenda to the Republicans and politicians in general.

YES. Shame on the cowardly RINOs who refused to do the right thing, but went along with the crowd.

“The liberals are aggressive and malevolent,” he said. “The conservatives run for cover. … It’s pretty obvious who’s going to prevail here.”

This indictment says it all. It's terrible. MassResistance understands, however, that we need to take a bold, firm stance against this wicked behavior, that we need to draw out our strength to do what is right and speak up for the victory. The answer is not to acquiesce and accommodate, but to announce and confront.

He said the anti-heterosexual-therapy law demonstrates the “totalitarian” tendencies of the homosexual-transgender movement: “This intrudes into the parent-child relationship,” he said, “another characteristic of totalitarian societies.

The "totalitarian" tendencies. Yes. This program is all about pushing a Big Government agenda, that the state has all the answers, and everyone else has to go along with it. This "reparative therapy ban" is nothing more than a solid yet subtle form of cultural Marxism.

The new Connecticut law defines "Conversion therapy" as “any practice or treatment administered to a person under 18 years of age that seeks to change the person's sexual orientation or gender identity, including, but not limited to, any effort to change gender expression or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attraction or feelings toward persons of the same gender.”

Even "Sexual orientation" is a misleading term, as though individuals enter the world with one train of desire, and that track defines their life and way of living for good. There are too many people in cultures all over who

Notably, the law states that "’conversion therapy’ does not include counseling intended to … assist a person undergoing gender transition,” and as well as other LGBT-affirming interventions.

So, it's OK to go from straight to gay, but not from gay to straight. Someone explain how this is logical, fair, moral, or just. Oh, that's right ... it isn't/

One group that did fight SB 6695 head on was Mass Resistance. Bill Brown, a Connecticut activist affiliated with MR, hand-delivered informational sheets opposing the LGBTQ bill.

And here we are!

Way to go, Bill Brown!

“Bill HB 6695 is deceptively and dishonestly titled An Act Concerning the Protection of Youth from Conversion Therapy. In fact, it puts vulnerable kids in danger – to support a radical ideology. It would make it illegal for licensed therapists to help children deal with traumatic issues leading to homosexual or transgender behavior,” said the Mass Resistance flier.


“Homosexual and transgender behavior in children is very often a result of early sexual trauma such as sexual molestation, rape, exposure to pornography, abuse, or serious issues with one or both parents. Victimized youth can become further traumatized and even suicidal,” the MR flier states. “Skilled mental health professionals can often help them heal their severe emotional wounds and work through these issues. For many, it is literally a lifesaver.”

Brown told LifeSiteNews that he believes so few Republicans voted against the bill as part of a Senate strategy — which he disagrees with — of “playing it safe so they don’t look mean so they can get one more Republican senator in the next election.”


The Connecticut Senate is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats for the first time in decades.

Mass Resistance national founder and president Brian Camenker told LifeSiteNews that “Connecticut is unusual. There are lot of liberal states where this type of legislation has been killed,” noting it has been defeated twice in his own deep-blue state of Massachusetts.

Then it was defeated a third time this year.

Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, like Doyle, said SB 6695  was a “solution in search of a problem,” since "we had not been able to identify a single program in CT that would be outlawed by the bill.”

Wolgang favored an approach of amending the legislation to limit its potential to undermine religious freedom in other areas.

FIC challenged proponents of SB 6695 to “name the religious ministries in Connecticut that do conversion therapy, name the licensed professionals in Connecticut that supposedly practice conversion therapy, that are the targets of this bill. We don’t believe their claims that this exists in Connecticut.”

Doyle said, “During the entire legislative session, our Task Force could not find one licensed practitioner that actually worked with youth in any way remotely close to what the liberal-dominated legislature described. But that didn't stop them from banning a practice called ‘conversion therapy.’"

He said that term “was coined by gay activists to make the public believe that gay youth are being converted from ‘gay to straight.’ The reality is that licensed counselors do not convert gay youth, especially in coercive and tortuous ways that these activists are claiming.”

Doyle said the “lies of gay activists, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and National Center for Lesbian Rights, who are the organizations lobbying for these bills, are so fraudulent” that his National Task Force for Therapy Equality filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission last week to set the record straight for legislators and the wider public.

Final Reflection

It's time for more concerned citizens to rise up and fight back against this abuse of power from the state. It's time for us to reject this homosexual tyranny and demand equal rights for all, special privileges for none.

People who want to be set free from homosexuality should have every right to seek the therapy which sets them free. They have every right to seek the truth, and no one should forbid them from getting the training and care they want.

Reparative therapy works. Reparative therapy saves lives. It's time to stop being nice and starting fight back!

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