Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Canada MassResistance Still Persecuted in the Great White North for Speaking Truth to LGBT Power

Please continue to pray for our Canada MassResistance activist Bill Whatcott.

He continues to face unprecedented persecution for speaking the truth to LGBT Power and hate. He has not relented in his power and presence of mind to expose the LGBT Bigotry and Tyranny of the current left-wing PC culture in a once-grand nation.

The Conservative Movement in Canada must start learning from Donald Trump and learn to fight against this toxic political correctness.

Activist update, Mr Oger & BC Humanist want Whatcott charged

Postby Bill Whatcott » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:56 am
Bill Whatcott's flyers educating Vancouverites on the fact God does not want them to vote for Morgane (actually Ronan) Oger, the NDP transvestite School Trustee candidate, have blanketed nearly every corner of Vancouver. This flyer is educating TD Bank customers in Vancouver's Yaletown, located two blocks from Davie Street, in the very heart of Vancouver's Sodom district.

To see the hard hitting and honest flyer that is giving 5000 Vancouver homes the real news go here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10723&p=26326#p26326

https://twitter.com/ibushfield/status/1 ... 4577542144

My 5000 flyers seems to have the Executive Director of the BC Humanist Society worked up. Aside from Ian's irrelevant name calling, I note Ian's Tweet seems to support so-called hate speech laws, at least when they are directed at Christians like me. I also note Ian contacted Elections BC regarding my flyer campaign, educating voters that God does not want them to vote for Ronan Oger, because Ronan is a transvestite who bilked his ex-wife out of $120,000 and bilked a native band out of a year's worth of rent. Also Ronan wants to seize children from homes where loving and sensible parents want to protect their kids from Ronan's demented transgender ideology. Ian is also a hypocrite. On Ian's Twitter page he supports Ireland repealing their anti-blasphemy law. So according to Ian it is ok to spew hate at and hurt the feelings of Christians, because that's "free speech." But criticize transvestites and sodomites? Nope, can't do it. According to Ian that's "hate speech" and off limits.:icon_rolleyes: Hypocrite!!!! I will keep speaking. At least my speech and criticism of Ronan is researched, thought out, and actually has merit. Most blasphemy that I hear and see (like sodomites running around with pictures of Jesus on their crotch at Toronto Pride) is mindless. It figues the Executive Director of the BC Humanist Society would support the dumb speech and seek to outlaw the thoughtful and reality based expression.


Poor Ronan. Ronan is trying hard to ignore my 5,000 flyers calling out his corrupt and tyrannical tendencies. But he just couldn't resist sneaking over to the Vancity Queer Facebook page and begging them to call the cops on me. How Ronan wishes I would be arrested and taken off the street, so I couldn't speak the truth and expose him for the corrupt tyrant he is anymore this election. 

Please continue to pray for my work. I have 2000 flyers left to get out. Tomorrow, I will be heading to the south-central end of Vancouver to leaflet neighbourhoods to the east and west of Main Street.

While I am very busy working for the Lord, I have not had a steady paid job since I was arrested, extradited to Ontario, jailed for four days, and fired from my job driving bus in the oilsands back in June. 

Mr. Oger (pink cowgirl hat, Left) and Premier Horgan (pink ball cap, Right) exercising poor judgment at the Vancouver Shame Parade.

Being out of work at the moment as I bounce door to door with my 5000 flyers is sort of nice and I think God is using it for great good. I would not have been able to leaflet all of Vancouver this past week and educate voters on the threat Mr. Oger poses to parents and kids because of his radical and intolerant transgender ideology, if I was busy driving bus in the oil sands.

There's lots of evidence that children with gender dysphoria will grow out of it on their own 90% of the time, so long as transgender activists passing themselves off as teachers and school trustees don't mess with the kids. However, Mr. Oger wants your kids taken away from you if you don't support his specious gender ideology and don't co-operate with him in regards to damaging your child for life with fake hormones and quack surgery to look like the gender they are not.

However, expenses related to my court dates; a judge ordered me to appear in person in Toronto court on my birthday, October 16, or be incarcerated, so I had to buy an air ticket to Toronto to appear there. And of course my rent and family's needs don't stop just because the sodomite activists in Ontario's Attorney General's office got me charged with a politically motivated hate crime charge and fired out of my job. If you would like to help this work out and help us survive until the trials are over you can donate here:

https://gogetfunding.com/christian-pers ... tt-family/

In Christ's Service
Bill Whatcott

"You shall walk after the Lord your God and fear him and keep his commandments and obey his voice, and you shall serve him and hold fast to him."
Deuteronomy 13:4


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