Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Response to Fred Fasen: Time for sanity in government

In "Time for sanity in government" (Letter to the Editor July 16,2011) Fred Fasen debates the merits and responsibilities of the United States Government in putting this nation's fiscal house in order.

First, I would submit that there is no support for Fasen's suggestion to raise tax rates on the wealthy will increase revenues. No matter how high this country raises the tax rates on the wealthy, they can find ways around the taxes, whether in shelters, trusts, or charities.

Moreover, Fasen accuses the Republicans of spinning a Ponzi scheme at the expense of the American people. However, we cannot ignore that the Democrats (admittedly, with the help of weak-willed Republicans) have initiated one inept, corrupt Ponzi scheme after another on the American People, from Social Security and Medicare to the needless and wasteful Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, i.e. Obamacare.

It is respectable that Fasen stresses the need for shared sacrifice in restoring the United States to fiscal solvency. On the other hand he should practice what he preaches, not pointing "the finger of blame" at either party of Washington. Both need to share the responsibility of making the United States a fiscally sound nation again.

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