Friday, July 22, 2011

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Don't Care about National Security

The Armed Forces is an agent of security, not experimentation.

The Armed is a conservative institution for a reason. The armed forces has been instituted to conserve our liberties, to conserve our borders, to conserve our way of life.

In no way should it have been the political battleground for debating equal rights, or extending civil rights.

Yet this argument mires under a faulty premise: homosexuality is not a civil right, not an innate characteristic, nor should it be accorded special treatment.

Besides, the armed forces does not accommodate every type of person for every situation, anyway. Handicapped individuals, for example, simply would not be fit combatants in the line of duty. Individuals suffering from cerebral palsy or autism should not possess a firearm or walk into the line of fire, where they would inevitably put themselves and their comrades at arms in harm's way.

Forcing open armed forces recruitment centers to individuals who openly practice homosexual conduct undermines morale, creates tension which has not place in the military, and distracts the focus of the armed forces from its true calling: Protecting this nation.

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