Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Final Stretch of CA-36th House Race

At last, the race is almost over.

Mudslinging always slips into the fray in the last week, no matter what steps the candidates take to remain above the fracas of name-calling and attack ads.

Janice Hahn purloined an endorsement from Louis Zamperini, South Bay World War II, an endorsement which she did not have permission to use in last-minute fliers. Will the political class stop at nothing to win a vote? Both Celebrated veteran and son have denounced any sanction of the ad.

And now Craig Huey's personal life becomes public fodder, with the last-minute release of an alimony suit over one of his daughters, a large sum which has been a matter of legal wrangling for some time. Suspicious timing, to say that least, that this wrinkle in Huey's personal life should suddenly emerge, not that such information should influence CA-36 residents in their vote--one way or another.

Despite the official recorded 18-point advantage of Democrats to Republicans in the district, the 16% voter turn-out followed by a more anemic run-off turn out, plus the widening number of "decline to state" voters may edge Huey into a slim win over Hahn.

Let's hope that CA-36th residents take advantage of the remaining hours to cast their vote in this watershed election.

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