Monday, November 1, 2021

Torrance High School Teachers: Preferred Pronouns and "There Are Too Many White People"

Two months, I spoke with a student named W. G. (name hidden to protect his identity and his family.)

He shared with me about another bad teacher in Torrance Unified School District.

W.G. reported the following:

"An art teacher [Aja De La Rosa] wanted you to write your pronouns on a piece of paper."

Teachers are now asking for students' preferred pronouns. Really!

"And then she was sharing personal stories about herself, about her daughter was transitioning gender at a very young age. Her daughter wanted to become a male."

Why are teachers sharing this stuff with their students in the classroom? Why is this happening at Torrance High School.

Then W.G. told us about his English teacher:

Her name is Marianne Pignotti:

W.G. then had this to share:

"Then there was my English teacher. She had six poster boards. Each poster board had another poster board behind it. So they weren't exactly put on the walls. She then, out of the blue, started talking about these posters, and she pulls them out. And she's apologizing because they're all white males."


"And I promise you, not a single student in that classroom looked at her posters, and said 'Oh Wow! They're all white.' That wasn't even a thought until she brought it up."

So, Pignotti is pushing racism in her classroom, specifically anti-white racism. There is no room for such bigotry in the classroom. NONE!

"She then said that Hollywood needs to start making movies with more people of color. And I'm thinking to myself: 'Hey! I am a fan of "Fast and Furious." And I know the main character, Dom, is not fully white. And I never personally thought, "Hey, I wonder what race that guy is."'"

This is the kind of bigotry and hate which has become commonplace in government schools, and this is not Los Angeles Unified or San Francisco.

This kind of hateful indoctrination is taking place in Torrance Unified, too! This is outrageous!

For the entire interview that I conducted with this student, see the link below:


 Here's the contact information for the two teachers:

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