Saturday, November 6, 2021

Manhattan Beach School Board Member Jason Boxer: Closet Communist

The voters of Manhattan Beach Unified School District need to start paying attention to who ends up on their school board.

Easy Reader News published a very slanted, biased article blasting parents and propping up the school board members because of the growing outrage against school closures, lockdowns, and LGBT-CRT indoctrination in the classrooms.

One of the most noxious facts that they left out of their report is that Jason Boxer, one of the newly-elected school board members, is a card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see this profile?

Oh brother! Imagine Barack Obama's "Pajama Boy" with lighter hair, and that's Jason Boxer.

But it gets worse ... much worse.

He's one of the "non-binary" types, and he pushes the LGBT agenda in so many destructive waves. You can see his destructive LGBT promotionalism on his Instagram account. Click here.

Ironically, he prefers "they/them" pronouns, according to his bio, but he also calls himself "a pretty nice guy."

Check it out here:

How can he claim to be non-binary but still call himself a "guy"? Clearly, he is confused.

And confused people should not be in charge of young people's education.

But the worst aspect about his tenure on the school board, again, is that he is a card-carrying socialist.

Don't take my word for it. Check out the DSA-LA website (Click here):

In addition to our endorsed candidates, we also celebrate the victories won by progressive candidates throughout the city, county, state, and country, both DSA-endorsed and otherwise. Locally, these include Jason Boxer for Manhattan Beach Unified School Board.

What do you need to know about socialism?

Take from Soviet Communist Vladimir Lenin himself:

Here are some statistics about Communism, for the growing number of uneducated or miseducated in the world:

How about hearing the testimonies of men and women who survived communist regimes?

Why were there so many "boat people" fleeing Southeast Asia in the 1970s? Communism!

Manhattan Beach residents need to pay attention to their school board races. Perhaps they need to think about launching a recall as soon as possible to get rid of this creepy soyboy.

It is unconscionable how bad it has gotten in local education politics in the South Bay. Card-carrying communists (masquerading as socialists) are seated on local school boards pushing all kinds of perversion under the guise of "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion", etc.

Instead of educating children about the true, full history of the United States, there is a determined push by ingrained Marxists and their teachers' union ilk to push racism and class-ism to further divide communities and the country.

Communism is one of the evilest ideologies in modern history, and to think that today, there are elected officials pushing this wicked madness is just unthinkable, and in the South Bay of Los Angeles County, no less.

Has Jason Boxer ever visited a country run under a communist regime? Cuba? Venezuela? North Korea? Would he like to explain why so many of the citizens in those countries are fleeing those countries to live elsewhere? Would Mr. Boxer (yes, Mister!) like to explain why Communism leaves nothing but destruction and desecration in its wake wherever it pops up?

He owes the people of Manhattan Beach some answers, at the very least.

He is pushing LGBT perversion. Why?

He is pushing Marxist hate. Why?

He does not listen or care about the real concerns of parents and children alike. Why?

Jason Boxer, the Closet Communist, needs to answer for these hateful leanings!

Contact the Manhattan Beach School Board, and demand Jason Boxer's removal!


  1. Thank you Mrs. SCHAPPTER for revealing this HORRENDOUS information!!! I COMPLETELY AGREE that this SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER being a PART of the DSA is INSANE because EVERYONE KNOWS that the DSA is a group of SOCIALISTS which means they want COMMUNISM which means they want DEATH!!! I cannot BELIEVE that our BEAUTIFUL and LUSCIOUS SCHOOL DISTRICT wants to BRING DEATH to OUR STUDENTS!!!!!! Mrs. Schaper, I am APPALLED that we are ALLOWING this to HAPPEN!!

    NATIONALISTS of AMERICA, LOOK HERE! SEE THESE AMAZING ARTICLES BY Ms. Schaper! Her work here is INCREDIBLE, especially THOSE AMAZING INTERVIEWS with the STUDENTS. Only A MOTHER of CULTURE such as herself would be able to dARE pull OFF THis CRITICAL (NOT THE RACE THEORY) work of JOURNALISM! SHE is doing a TREMENDOUS JOB (not steves) and should DESERVE the HIGHEST PRAISE.

    1. You are welcome. I can tell that you have a problem with misgendering people, but I can forgive you for that. I am glad that more people are finding out about this gender-confused communist.