Sunday, January 27, 2019

Report on the Costs of the Shutdown

Keith Hardine provided the following analysis of the whole government shutdown.

The list of employees furloughed, who will now get paid for doing nothing.

Take a look at the list, and tell me how many of the jobs listed should not be listed. Do we need DEA Agents? Instead of abolishing ICE, I say that we abolish the DEA.


The Congress shall have for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States...” 

Article I, Section 8, US Constitution
Prepared By Vice Chairman Leahy’s Senate Appropriations Committee Staff

More Than 420,000 Will Be Working Without Pay Including:
More than 41,000 Federal Law Enforcement and Correctional Officers, Including:
2,614 ATF agents;
16,742 Bureau of Prisons correctional officers;
13,709 FBI agents;
3,600 deputy U.S. Marshals; and
4,399 DEA agents.

Up To 88 Percent Of Department of Homeland Security Employees, Including:
53,000 TSA Employees;
54,000 Customs and Border Protection agents and customs offers;
42,000 Coast Guard employees
As many as 5,000 Forest Service Firefighters
3,600 Weather Service Forecasters

More Than 380,000 Will Be Furloughed, Including:
86 Percent of Department of Commerce(Approximately 41,000 Staff),
96 Percent of NASA(Approximately 16,700 Staff)
More than 80 Percent of the National Park Service(Approximately16,000 Staff)
At least 80 Percent of the Forest Service(Approximately 28,800 Staff)
More than 30 Percent of Dept. of Transportation(Approximately 18,300 Staff)
95 Percent of HUD(Approximately 7,100 Staff)

Approximately 52,000 IRS Staff


"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God." Thomas Jefferson

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