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MassResistance Makes the Difference in Riverside County, California

In previous reports, MassResistance documented our efforts to confront and stop Drag Queen Story Hour in Georgia, Michigan, and other parts of the country.

We had an incredible impact in Riverside, where one of our activist mothers confronted and exposed a Drag Queen program in otherwise conservative-leaning Riverside, California. Her efforts received national attention, support, and even hatred from many LGBT activists and news sites.

However, MassResistance activists did not abandon their fight to expose, denounce, and discourage this Drag Queen Program in the city. Our activists informed the public and announced their opposition at the Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting in December, 2018.

Riverside, CA Board of Supervisors Meeting

Arthur Schaper, our Organization Director, reached out to residents in Riverside County to help combat the Drag Queen Story Hour program at Cellar Door Books in Riverside, CA. Joining with fellow MassResistance activists, Schaper attending the Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting on December 11, 2018 to bring more awareness and concern about Cellar Door Books and their promotion of adult entertainment for children.

Like many government board meetings, the Board provides a general public comment portion for members of the public to speak on issues which have not been placed on the Agenda. Most of the time, the members of the board rarely pay attention, although once in a while they will ask a clarifying question or make a remark of agreement.

On December 11, however, the Board of Supervisors interrupted Arthur a number of times, but Arthur and his fellow activists countered their disrespectful behavior quite effectively. You can see his comments in this link, starting at the 4:54:00 mark.

During his public comments, first congratulated the newly elected sheriff of Riverside County, Chad Bianco. A conservative insurgent who toppled an unpopular liberal incumbent, Bianco had secured the support of many conservative organizations, including the pro-Family Riverside Republican Assembly.

In a desperate attempt to smear Bianco, the incumbent Sheriff Stan Sniff issued attack ads shaming Bianco’s support for reparative therapy!
For more information on this hateful smear, click here.

Frankly, any sheriff’s candidate who stands strong for pro-family values should be welcomed. Thankfully, Bianco won.

Arthur then talked about how the homosexual-transgender agenda, and how it is affecting children as well as adults. He provided pictures of the more revealing displays during a San Francisco Gay Pride parade.
"Fairies" at the Gay Pride Parade

He also pointed out that Assemblyman Evan Low of Cupertino had introduced legislation that would ban the Bible, and more specifically targeted reparative therapy for adults.

Before Arthur finished his comments, Arthur wanted to provide copies of the MassResistance flyer to protest the Drag Queen Story Hour program at Cellar Door Books.

Riverside County Board Chairman Chuck Washington

While he referenced the Secretary for the Board of Supervisors to pass the flyers to the members, Chuck Washington, the Chairman of the Board, interrupted Arthur in an attempt to shame him. “She is not a secretary. She is a highly-trained professional.” At this point, Arthur had not finished with his public comments. He admonished the chairman to stop interrupting him.

John Tavaglione (far left) started lecturing Arthur. His comments were out of order

Then another member of the Board, John Tavaglione, shouted at Arthur: “Now you listen! You speak before us at our pleasure …”

Mr. Tavaglione’s comments were completely inappropriate, almost as though to shame Arthur and silence anything beyond completely deference to the elected officials. However, California’s open meeting laws--otherwise known as the Ralph M. Brown Act—explicitly protect the public’s right to speak before any governing board. They do not need to earn the privilege of speaking to a governing board. Arthur dutifully corrected Mr. Tavaglione, and members of MassResistance also called out at the Board of Supervisors for their rude remarks.

More Rebuttals from the Left

While Arthur was speaking to the Board, two other members of the audience had submitted their own comment cards. They were part of a left-wing activist group, and they insisted on sharing their own opinions on Arthur’s testimony.

Asher Jones, a female pretending to be a male, defended Drag Queen Story Hour

The next speaker, Asher Jones, came to the podium was a young lady dressed in men’s clothes. She then described herself as a “Transgender male” and she (not “he”) stated that her preferred pronouns are “he and is, they, them, and theirs.” She talked about Riverside, California as city of inclusion, then listed a number of the gay bars in the city. She then defended Cellar Door Books as a business that contributes to the inclusivity of the city. One of the most jarring comments she made as “Our children sit at the feet of drag performers … This ensures not only a fun environment, but a safe environment.”

Let those comments sink in. She actually defended adult homosexuals dressed as women reading to children—as safe!

Asher then labeled Arthur’s comments “hate speech” and welcomed the board members to attend the “risqué” Drag Queen Story Hour event. Bear in mind that this meeting took place in one of the more conservative sections of California. Even there, young people and college students are falling for the LGBT Agenda and turning into vocal advocates for their ideology.

This man, wearing a red star for communism, also condemned Arthur’s remarks

Another man joined with the left-leaning activists at the Board meeting took to the podium, as well. Wearing a yellow vest to show solidarity with the Yellow Vest protesters in Europe, he also condemned Arthur’s remarks on “conversion therapy”. He compared reparative therapy practice to the Spanish Inquisition! He also compared the life-saving practice with female genital mutilation. He also mentioned the Russian Legislature’s banning “gay propaganda”, as though such criticism hurt Arthur’s presentation. The truth is that the Communist gentleman’s remarks did not gain much support or regard from the audience. Such remarks have become commonplace among pro-LGBT activists, but those scare tactics no longer work.

Public Official Attempts to Shame Public Speakers

The Board of Supervisors recessed for twenty minutes, then returned with Tavaglione’s issuing a pointed statement to Arthur. His comments then received additional support from the county attorney, who informed the audience that the “right to criticize the board is not unlimited”. The attorney listed that if members of the public go over their allotted speaking time or willfully disrupt the meeting, they can be removed by the chairman of the board.

Those limitations, however, did not apply to Arthur’s situation at all. In fact, members of the board had interrupted Arthur—twice!—and one of the members was entirely out of order when he had stated they can speak only at “their pleasure.” The fact is that the board members were seeking some means to admonish the crowd and help the board “save face” to demonstrate their preeminence in the chambers.

More MassResistance Members Challenge the Board

During another open hearing before the board two hours later, other members of the audience admonished the Board of Supervisors for interrupting Arthur Schaper earlier in the meeting. Supervisor Tavaglione (after whom the building is named) refused to apologize. Other members of the audience still admonished the board.

After the meeting adjourned, Arthur confronted Mr. Tavaglione and rebuked him: “I do not speak at your pleasure.” Then, as Arthur was exiting the building, the supervisor rushed up behind him “I am going to speak with this guy (referring to another man), because he is reasonable.”

It was pretty shocking for Arthur, since the supervisor got really close to him! Arthur then pursued him asking for him to explain his behavior.

Check out this video for the entire exchange:

After the meeting adjourned, Arthur briefly confronted the left-wing activists outside of the Board of Supervisors building. Arthur derided the hateful smear below:

One of the woman in the group admonished Arthur to love others. She quoted a Scripture to shame him, but Arthur refused to back away. He actually confronted her and asked her to explain how he was being hateful. She only referenced his “tone”, which is quite laughable.

The triggered woman pretending to be a man couldn’t stand to hear Arthur’s comments

Tips for Conduct/Handling Rude People in Public Meetings

In both meetings, notice that Arthur conducted himself professionally. He addressed the different governing boards on substantive issues relating to MassResistance and our organization’s goals. Not once did he back down from stating our core mission while calling out the fundamental lies of the LGBT Agenda.

If Arthur had not spoken out against the Drag Queen program at Cellar Door Books, the public would have never heard from two of its defenders. Strangely enough, their remarks solidified Arthur’s objections to the whole program.

Notice also that Arthur did not permit the governing board members to shame or silence him during his public comment period.

That kind of resolve pays off every time, and our activists are stepping up to the challenge more and more—and are getting results!

Final Update

Because of our California activists’ efforts, the owner of Cellar Door Books had to implement security measures and require people to pay a “Donation” in order to enter the Drag Queen Program on December 15, 2018.

At the very least, we wanted to warn and discourage others from attending the program.
One of our members, Mike from Riverside, gave us the following report:

There was security all over. You couldn't get in unless you were on a list or purchased a ticket. I was asked to stop filming a couple of times. One man accused me of being creepy for filming children. I had to remind three people that I was in a public space and they had no expectation of privacy. There were about 75 people in there, maybe 30 children. There were people taking my picture and following me but I didn't confront any as I was, mostly, alone. 

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