Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Walker on the Senate Immigraton Bill: "Band-aid" not "

Conflicting news reporters castigate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on his stance regarding the United States Senate’s recent passage of a loaded immigration bill instead of casting a proper light on his views. The legislation provides a convoluted path to citizenship, rewards lawbreakers with immediate provisional (yet ultimately) permanent citizenship, triggered by border control half-measures which will likely not materialize.

Like many free market economists and classical liberal pundits, Walker clearly and candidly declared that he wants immigrants from every part of the world to come to the United States. Walker offered that immigration should not be a complex process which discourages the best and the brightest from settling within our nation’s borders:

“Because if [immigration] wasn’t so cumbersome, if there wasn’t such a long wait, if it wasn’t so difficult to get in, we wouldn’t have the other problems that we have.”

His reference to the Senate Bill as a “band-aid” does not imply that the legislation is acceptable, but rather that its reforms are not comprehensive, that they do not “heal” the “deeper wounds” which are “bleeding” our immigration policy. The Washington Times incorrectly submitted that Walker endorsed the US Senate’s immigration proposal, which has no chance of passage in the House. House Speaker John Boehner will not recognize legislation which the majority of House majority has rightly rejected.

Governor Walker should not endorse any federal reforms which reward lawbreakers, which do not pare back the massive welfare state, and which do not recognize the efforts of legal immigrants.

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