Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obama is No Trayvon

Never letting a crisis go to waste, or an opportunity to express his vanity, President Barack Obama declared: “Trayvon Martin would have been me thirty-five years ago.”

Barry Obama grew up in a mixed, academic family. He attended elite universities and organized communities for political gain. There is nothing in President Obama’s past that would link him, let alone set him up for any fate like the late Trayvon Martin.
President Obama should be ashamed of himself for injecting himself and racism into the Zimmerman aftermath. Los Angeles radio host Larry Elder, an articulate (yes, articulate!) black man has denounced the racial demagoguery following the verdict. So has established, celebrated African-American neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson of Johns Hopkins University. Instead of caving to and stirring up prejudice, President Obama should follow Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s example: respect the rights of protesters, but demand their respect for law and order.

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