Monday, July 1, 2013

Tony Vidak for State Senate

Following state senator Michael Rubio’s (D-Bakersfield) sudden decision to resign from the California state legislature and serve the Chevron corporation, a special election in the Central Valley has opened up, one which can help decide the balance of power not just in the state capitol, but capitalize on the need for compromise and bipartisanship which honors the needs of all Californians, not just special interests, lobbyists, and well-funded public sector unions.

The voters in the Kern-Kings County region have the serendipity as well as the growing necessity of sending a clear message to Sacramento politician, informing them that they do not have a right to impose their tax-and-spend will by legislative fiat on every other house in the state.

By advancing Hanford farmer Tony Vidak to the state senate, a man who knows the land and the water woes which plague that region, voters in California’s heartland will have the heart-felt opportunity to restore the heart of the political process away from a Democratic supermajority hankering for more taxes, spending, and regulations.

The heart of any state belongs to the people, not the politicians, and an independent coalition of realtors have already manifested their vocal opposition to Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez’ candidacy for the seat to replace Rubio.

A Democratic supermajority has already killed school choice for all California student s, with a desire to raise taxes and exempt unions from key pension reforms.


It’s to send accountable representatives to Sacramento. Vote for Tony Vidak for Senate District 16.

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