Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prosser WIns Reelection in WI

David Prosser, incumbent Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice and staunch, has won reelection bid against Joanna Kloppenberg, the favorite of disaffected public employee unions. Governor Stan Walker and the empowered Republicans favored the incumbent not just for his conservative credentials, but for his certain favor for the law limiting the bargaining rights of public sector unions.

At first glance, the embattled unions seemed able to muster enough support for the liberal candidate to derail Governor Walker's policy. Yet right-wing activists throughout the nation did not rest on the laurels of passing landmark legislation, put poured in money and support to consolidate Justice Prosser's reelection bid. His reelection signals growing certainty that the Wisconsin will defeat any legal challenge against limiting public sector unions.

Political revolutions gradually lose momentum over time, yet the victory of this Supreme Court Justice against the growing liberal backlash signals a consistent commitment by the Wisconsin electorate to rein in debt, stop state spending, and strip sclerotic public sector unions of their bargaining rights.

Despite the criticism and controversy levelled against Governor Walker's policies, the triumph of the Republican Party and limited-government principles have galvanized conservatives throughout the country. They esteem Prosser's success as strong support for Governor Walker's move to limit the power of public employee unions, whose graft-like hold has impoverished state capitols throughout the United States, and whose power may be in sharp decline.

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