Monday, April 18, 2011

Bag the Baggy Pants Prohibition

Despite the parochial subject of Eloisa Gonzalez' article "Florida may soon outlaw baggy pants on students' (LA Times 4/15/2011), I found the core issue which you addressed, or rather your failure to do, very intriguing.

Mrs. Gonzalez outlined the arguments for and against state enforcement of proper dress code in the state of Florida. The Legislators are considering whether to criminalize wearing baggy pants in the state school system. The rationale: "It must be part of our politics to teach our kids how to get a job," claims one Florida legislator. In opposition to the move, the ACLU contends that the law would unfairly target minorities.

This article glaringly ignores a crucial point in the "Baggy pants" debate: Florida's Nanny State encroachment into the proper dress and raising of children.
A fundamental principle in the rise and development of the the United States, it is not the government's responsibility to enforce the expected habits of future job seekers.

More than disproportionally setting up certain students for detainment and punishment, the State of Florida's power grab further weakens the legitimate influence of schools, administrators, and students' families. They are in a better decision to make decisions in the best interest of the child, including what they were, not the remote Florida Legislature.

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