Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love the Group, Love your Fellow Man, Love the One who Can

Can a person love a group of people?

Love is an action. It is not a feeling, a hope, a hype, or a case of happenstance.

Love is directing positive regard so that another person understands what he or she is receiving.

I cannot say that I love the human race. "The Human Race" is an abstraction, a set of characteristics lumped together to identify some unreal entity.

I cannot even say "I love you". Words are not enough. How I know that I love is that I show that I love.

I cannot show the human race, the black race, the Asian people, the city of Torrance, Lawndale, London, or Paris, that I love it/them.

Love is an action, a commitment, a charitable connection to a Person.

I can love Him without reserve. Through me, then, He can love the whole world!

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