Sunday, May 15, 2022

Torrance City Elections 2022: Endorsements

I encourage every voter in the city of Torrance to support the following people and vote the following manner on key races and issues:

1. Mayor of Torrance

George Chen

2. Torrance City Council, District One

Jon Kaji

3. Torrance City Council, District Three

Lauren Cotner

4. Torrance City Council, District Five

Aurelio Mattucci

5. Torrance City Treasurer

Rick Marshall

6. Measure SST


The biggest issue for me is the proposed sales tax increase. Each of these candidates has come out against squeezing more money out of city residents.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to vote for these individuals.

Councilman George Chen has stuck to his word cleaning up the city and assuring more transparency in local governance. He took the lead on getting the city council on record to issue a Resolution of No Confidence in LA County District Attorney George Gascon,

Aurelio Mattuci has done an excellent job fighting for the city's best interests. He fought to ensure a proper trapping process to stop the urban coyote problem. He has fought diligently to deal with the homelessness issues in the city.

Lauren Cotner is a new face bringing new ideas. Her opponent is one more example of the same-old, same-old political class that has no ideas, no innovations, and is simply invested in pleasing the same special interests while ignoring the public interest.

Jon Kaji is a smart and well-connected businessman who has created jobs and who has managed properties in the city for businesses and private citizens alike. His opponents want to increase taxes while providing no real solutions for the long-term health and well-being of the city.

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