Tuesday, October 19, 2021

So Done With Clout Chasers

The patriot movement now, and the conservative-American First-whatever you call movement is turning into a big grift.

Some of the people who go to the big time patriut events just want to get Name ID, make some money, and have some pre-eminence. I am so tired of it all.

The fact is that most conservatives, constitutionalists, and general patriots just want to be left alone. We want to live our lives and not have to worry about controlling or dealing with others.

Sometimes, I wonder if it's worth it to keep fighting for this country, or at least for the state of Califonria. If people want to worship the state, they get what they deserve. If they do not want to recall a terrible governor in California, they deserve the bad leadership that they are facing. 

If they do not want to take a stand for truth, and they do not want to accept that God is good and wants to bless them, then it is all on them. People are indeed stubborn, hard, rebellious. They are facing untold privations, and it's all on them.

I do not feel sorry for them. They chose this outcome, and they can suffer the consequences.

Lord Jesus, thank You for providing for all of my needs, and doing so according to Your riches in glory. Lord Jesus, You are taking care of me every step of the way, every day. Thank YOU!

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