Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Bill Whatcott, Enemy of the Canadian LGBT State, Facing Hate Crime Trial for Passing Out Gospel Tracts

Canada MassResistance contact Bill Whatcott is a true freedom fighter.

He is committed to fighting the LGBT Hate Machine with all the ardor at his disposal. He has faced numerous attacks and unprecedented persecution in "free nation" Canada for years.

Yet he refuses to relent in releasing the truth about the dangers of the LGBT lifestyle and agenda.

He was arrested last year for "inciting hatred" just for passing out Gospel tracts at the 2016 Gay Pride Parade in Toronto, one of the most notoriously perverse, disgusting displays of anti-God, anti-Christ perversity imaginable. The LGBT disgust is so deep, with pot-bellied naked men running around in front of children, one has to wonder why no legal authority in Canada takes a stand to stop this evil.

Notwithstanding the unprecendented challenges and Satanic opposition he has faced, Whatcott perseveres. He was facing a $104 million civil action from the 2016 Toronto Shame Parade organizers, but the lawsuit was first rejected, and then upon appeal the LGBT legal activists decided to quit, since they were losing more money than they could have ever hoped to have gained (the appellate court would have likely rejected the lawsuit, too).

David Cooke of Campaign Life Coalition recently connected with Bill Whatcott and interviewed him so that more people would know about the plight that he is facing in his own country. Let no one think that LGBT tyranny won't descend upon him in his own country. This agenda is pernicious, having no interest in love, tolerance, diversity, or acceptance of any kind. In fact, LGBT activists have been clear-cut in their demands that other people "must accept them", or else. That is not liberty, that is not right. There must be no acquiescing to this hateful ideology.

And for the millions of people who are engaged in these behaviors, they need to know the truth which sets them free.

Here's the full report from Mr. David Cooke:

I had the opportunity this week to sit down with Bill Whatcott and talk candidly with him about his ongoing judicial saga. Bill’s trial began over a year and a half ago, after he was charged in June of 2018 with “public incitement to hatred”. This alleged crime occurred two full years prior, when he was distributing literature at a homosexual “pride” parade in Toronto in June of 2016. That literature – which was distributed peacefully and without fuss – presented the real, physical and spiritual dangers of practising homosexuality. It also offered the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to LGBT practitioners.

Bill Whatcott and David Cooke

For this supposed “hate crime” the wrath of the Liberal government of former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne fell heavy upon Bill. However, it appears this charge was not in the interests of justice, but in the interests of politics. The fact that Premier Wynne was herself an open homosexual might suggest a conflict of interest. Also, the fact that Ms. Wynne was seeking to rally her left-wing base in a difficult election year might suggest a self-serving political agenda.

Bill now faces up to eighteen months in jail if convicted – which seems to be a foregone conclusion. All this for politely handing out Gospel pamphlets to people who willingly received them.

Bill’s full trial has been scheduled in Toronto for the entire month of June this year. This “conveniently” happens to be so-called “Gay Pride Month”, with Canada’s biggest and lewdest pro-LGBT parade taking place at the end of the month. I guess the parade will be just in time for the expected guilty verdict! This sounds more and more like a show trial than any real semblance of justice.

In my ten-minute video interview, I talk with Bill one-on-one about his experience thus far. We also discuss some important elements of his upcoming trial. In addition, Bill mentions the threat posed to all Christians by Bill S-202 (the “conversion therapy ban”).

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/-e7zoTpyUws

As Pastor Art Pawlowski commented when Bill was first charged, “We’re turning Canada into a Nazi state, into a communist state, where if you voice your politically incorrect views, you will be attacked by the forces of the government.” Now it seems you may not only be attacked and arrested, but they may hold a parade to celebrate your condemnation!

Bill will make a brief appearance in court next week, on Tuesday, January 14th at 9:30 AM at 361 University Ave., Toronto.

God Bless.

David Cooke

P.S. You can read more about the dangerous “conversion therapy ban” being proposed by the Trudeau government here: https://www.campaignlifecoalition.com/clc-blog/id/95/title/-conversion-therapy-ban-threatens-churches

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