Saturday, June 8, 2019

Gay Therapist Tells Gay Men Not to Have Sex (Not a Typo)

I cannot make this up.

A gay therapist and matchmaker based in Miama, Florida is telling clients, patients, and the so-called "gay community" to stop having sex.

At least, they should stop or refrain from engaging in anal sex.

I apologize for this very sordid topic, but this announcement simply cannot be ignored.

Paul Angelo's remarks are really shocking, considering his honest appraisal of sodomy and its effects on homosexuals.

Paul Angelo MHA, MBA, the gay matchmaker from Miami urges a 60 day moratorium on gay anal intercourse. He argues that taking a break from anal intercourse improves self esteem, increases confidence and contributes to goal completion.

Paul Angelo MHA, MBA - Miami Gay Matchmaker
Paul Angelo

This is unreal. We have a gay therapist and matchmaker telling gay men not to have anal sex.

But the reasons why are significantly important. "It improves self esteem, increase confidence, and contributes to goal completion."

I thought sex was supposed to be a good thing! For homosexuals, however, the way they "engage" each other is not healthy at all. In fact, it's psychologically damaging!

If you are a gay man over 40 - staying away from anal intercourse is your fastest way to success in life.

"Gay men -- don't have sex!"

Are you kidding me? Yes, that is exactly what

Paul Angelo MHA, MBA, the Miami Gay Matchmaker who incorporates health, relationship and lifestyle coaching has again "gone wild" with the intention to save the gay community from poor self-esteem, lack of confidence and relationship confusion.

Angelo explains that receptive anal sex decreases self esteem by forcing the person to assume a submissive position during an act of pleasure. This confuses the brain to believe that a feminine-like behavior is appropriate for a man and in turn reduces the man's assertiveness, confidence and will power.

Exactly. A man is not supposed to "Receive" something from another partner in a sexual encounter. They are designed to provide something, at least in the physical sense.

Angelo says: "From Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), we know that a person's thinking is strongly influenced by his body position. The fastest way to increase satisfaction and self-esteem is to align the thinking with the position/movement of the body, commonly referred to as a mind-body connection. This is often achieved through physical exercise, meditation and affirmations.

For example, if you say to yourself - 'yes I can do it' and if you flex your arm, clench your fist and bend your knees all in one move - you get a strong feeling of power.

When the body performs activities that are not in congruence with the beliefs and logic of the brain, conflict is created and with each repetition of the act, self-esteem of the person is reduced."

In other words, men are not engaging in behaviors which they were designed to engage in. Men were never designed to endure anal penetration from a man. 

Angelo explains that because men behave differently than women, the brain is taught to accept as valid all behaviors that are associated with masculinity and strength. The moment that the brain receives messages that are NOT congruent with the definition of masculinity - the person gets confused.

Notice clearly what this gay therapist has declared: "Men behave differently from women."

Yes, it's a biological fact. Yet, the LGBT Lobby insists on ignoring the truth, convinced that men and women can "Feel" something else, and therefore transform into some other kind of creature. There is no possibility of changing one's sex, as though one was changing clothes.

Aggressive or "pushy" bottoms are an example of this confusion. Those are gay men who succeeded in business and show masculinity in day-to-day life, but in the bedroom - end up engaging in receptive anal intercourse.

This kind of behavior is what Paul Angelo declares: demeaning, degrading, if one can create a new word "de-manning".

"The worse part about this destruction of self-esteem is that it's on the subconscious level. A person will not feel anything during the act. And the pleasure derived from the act will override the logic necessary to correct the behavior. In addition, there is a delay between the act of anal intercourse and the reduction of self-esteem of the person" says Angelo.

There are long-standing consequences to these destructive homosexual encounters. A man cannot long tolerate being treated like such a perverted object, since his proper role in a sexual relationship is not to turn away from the sexual partner and just "Receive".

"If you were to put all gay men together in a big warehouse and place the 'bottoms' on the left and the 'tops' on the right, you'd start seeing negative consequences of the anal sex play out in real life for the bottoms such as: disrespect for their general health, failure at work, failure in love and relationships." says Angelo.

These topics must have been initially difficult for Mr. Angelo to write, and yet these factors cannot be ignored any longer. Two men cannot engage each other sexually without damaging consequences to the two men. In fact, one health teacher informed a class at a local college that in homosexual conduct, the two men even cause bleeding! Once again, I thought that sex was supposed to be fun, not damaging or painful.

"I am not saying that every gay man should stop anal intercourse today. What I recommend is that gay men re-think the "Gay-Lifestyle" strategy and stop for one second to question the validity of all that is gay" says Angelo.

Indeed, it is time for more gay men to challenge what it means to "be gay" and all the behaviors attached to it. However, if homosexuals begin to question the very acts of "gay sex", then why be gay in the first place?

In fact, if homosexual acts are so destructive, then perhaps being gay isn't all that ... well ... gay.

Final Reflection

This admission from a gay therapist is quite enlightening, yet sad and even a little disturbing.

For decades, most of the public remained unaware of the damage associated with homosexual conduct. In many classrooms, where LGBT programs have slowly infiltrated, there is little information on the actual conduct that occurs between two men in their acts of sodomy.

Now we find that for at least one cohort of adult gay males, anal sex is psychologically harmful and correlates with degrading quality of life concerns.

For those who have argued that homosexuality is not a destructive set of behaviors, these factors should give them pause. Indeed, men were never designed, never ordained to have sex with men. As some will glibly point out, "The parts don't fit." Yet this lack of accommodation has serious psychological effects, too, which cannot be ignored.

It has now gotten to the point that gay men should not even engage in gay sex. Perhaps it's time for more gay men to ask a deeper question: "Being gay is not all that gay, after all, is it?"


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