Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hawaii RINO's MIA in State Legislature -- Don't Go Rank-Choice!

Hawaii GOP Party Leaders Led by Tupola, Ostrov and Ward

Designed to Keep Republican Candidates off 2020 Ballots


Aloha, Republicans:

As you read this, Hawaii's Democrats at the State Capitol are orchestrating the political assassination of GOP candidates statewide starting with the 2020 Election.  And the leaders of the Hawaii Republican Party (Gene "Obamacare" WardAndria "Ocasio-Cortez" TupolaShirlene "Blackburn" Ostrov andBob "Mufi" McDermott) have responded to this existential threat by forming a 'suicide pact' at the party's Kapiolani Blvd. headquarters allowing Democrats to succeed in their mission.  To date, the party's executive committee and state committee have signed off on this suicide pact through refusing to meet and refusing to take any action at all about the killer legislation in question now under fast-track consideration at the State Capitol (or about any other bad legislation at all).

This is no joke. Right now, there is ZERO OPPOSITION by the State GOP to amainland-inspired bill being pushed by Democrats at the Hawaii State Capitolto eliminate the guarantee that a Republican candidate can appear on the General Election ballot.  YES, ELIMINATE.  Introduced and supported by Democrats, House Bill 210 provides 'ranked choice' method of voting for all partisan primary elections, special elections, and nonpartisan general elections held in Hawaii starting next year. So if two Democrats running for a particular seat receive more votes than the Republican in the August Primary Election, the Republican has to throw in the towel and get reduced to watching the two Democrats face off in the General Election.  Democrats will get to turn the General into a Primary Election between two well-funded Donkey Party candidates while rank-and-file Republicans get to wonder how the hell this happened with no action by their party.
And HOW is this bill faring at the State Capitol? Well there's ZERO ORGANIZED OPPOSITION BY THE HAWAII GOP. As for the RINO incumbents, fake Republican Cynthia Thielen was a no show for the Judiciary Committee (of which she's a member) when her colleagues excitedly PASSED the bill. And fake Republican Lauren Cheape voted "AYE" for the bill. And fake Republicans Gene Ward and Bob McDermott couldn't even be bothered to show up to vote at all. On top of this, the RINO-controlled Hawaii GOP is doing absolutely NOTHING to fight this measure.
Under current law in Hawaii, all candidates who run as Republicans for state house, state senate, governor, LG, or a seat in Congress and win their Primary Election are guaranteed to appear on the General Election ballot. That's pretty important in Hawaii, since it's already difficult enough to convince people to become GOP candidates for any office. Most seats are held by Democrats (114 out of 120) and most races go unopposed by Republicans. Plus, there's already a belief that many Democrats in office (and running for office) in Hawaii are closet Republicans because they have little hope of getting elected as Republicans (these are the Dems with a short life-expectancy who get targeted in Primaries by fellow Dems).

So, with most Democrat seats already going UNCHALLENGED for decades, prepare for things to get worse for the Hawaii GOP. Democrats at the big square building on Punchbowl Street see an opening right now to change election law so that only the top two vote-getters from ANY party will be the ones competing in on the General Election. NOT the Democrat versus the Republicanbut more likely TWO DEMOCRATS on the General Election ballot. With Hawaii Republicans averaging little more than 20% of the vote against Democrats in past elections, and with Hawaii cursed with the WEAKEST REPUBLICAN PARTY in all 50 States (one which is run by closet Democrats like Gene Ward and Andria Tupola), this legislation is now poised to eliminate any guarantee that Republican candidates will appear on the General Election ballot.

Let's be brutally honest. GOP leaders in Hawaii are actively killing the Republican Party in the islands, since this legislation is simultaneously a DEATH SENTENCE passed by Democrats and a SUICIDE NOTE by the silent Hawaii GOP. Yes, the do-nothing Hawaii GOP is killing itself by sitting back and letting ranked choice (combined with all-mail-in voting) provide Democrats with guaranteed victories in the General Election for DECADES to come.

Until now, Republicans in Hawaii could rely on being able to appear on the ballot in the General Election because our partisan elections always pitted a Democrat against a Republican. That's all about to change. If Hawaii's ruling Democrats get their way, there could be no Republicans on the General Election ballot (except for self-dealing incumbent RINO's like Gene Ward and his ilk) and hence no new elected Republicans in Hawaii. PARTY SUICIDE BY SILENCE AND INACTION is the order of the day from Shirlene Ostrov, Gene Ward, Miriam Hellreich, Andria Tupola and the rest of the RINO's who control the dying, left-leaning Republican Party in Hawaii. So, if you don't see any GOP candidates for state office on the ballot in 2020, you can remember to thank these God-awful RINO infiltrators for standing down the GOP and letting its candidates go down in flames.
Finally, this existential threat to the Hawaii GOP has been met with a yawn by party leaders.  State Chair Ostrov and Andria Tupola's henchmen like executive committee members Steve Yoder, Greg Lussier, David Ross and and Lorraine Shin, have prevented the party from getting involved in fighting bad legislation, even though the state party's mission and rules clearly call for political action at the county, state, and federal levels of government.  Dozens of major issues at the State Capitol are being yawned at by Corrupt, Liberal Hawaii GOP Leaders Led by Tupola and Ostrov and Ward.

If, after reading this, you STILL don't believe that the Hawaii GOP is being destroyed from the inside, you'll probably never believe it.  For the rest of you, now's your chance to JOIN HIRA and help save the Republican Party in Hawaii while there's still time.

Auwe, RINO's!!
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