Thursday, July 3, 2014

Christie Vetoes A2006

File:Chris Christie at townhall.jpg
NJ Gov. Chris Christie

Whether out of personal commitment, political gain, or principled opposition, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did the right thing when he vetoed the Democratic designed and promoted gun-control bill A2006. Just as guns do not kill people, nor do the bullets, and limiting the size of ammunition magazines would have at best a cosmetic effect on preventing gun violence.

Despite the unspeakable tragedies which parents and communities (Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut; Aurora, Colorado) have faced following gun-related mass murders, reason and purpose must triumph over emotion and intuition regarding the proper methods for curbing mass violence.

In California, following the devastating massacre from a mentally deranged college student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the calls for legislating away firearms fired off again. However, wiser minds prevailed in the discussion, who indicated that the mental status of the young assailant, who ended up killing six people (three by stabbing and three more by shooting) had a history of violent mental illness. College leadership with more discretion, as well as more engaged psychiatric facilitation may have prevented the senseless deaths in Santa Barbara, California.

By rejecting the New Jersey Democratic legislature’s “easy way out”, Gov. Christie correctly argued that our state governments require more authority to institutionalize individuals who pose a danger to themselves and to others. Hopefully, his example will inspire leaders and  lawmakers throughout the country  to focus less on controlling the guns and more on dealing with the mentally ill who perpetrate violent crimes.

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