Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Schaper's Scoop on the Rhode Island Scoop

This week, what's the scoop announced some interesting news, and what's my take on what's going on in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island residents just cannot get a break, can they?

The business class is losing fast, and now the General Assembly wants to divest all business interests with Iran.

Since when did engaging in foreign policy follies ever promise relief for the hurting, the poor, the teeming masses yearning for freedom?

The General Assembly has engaged in preemptive strikes against their own citizens for the past eighty years, claiming to be democratic, but in fact demagoguing on every issue, on every value which would increase productivity rather than engage citizens to flee their state.

Still, State rep. Mia Ackerman claimed:

This is a global bill with big implications. I was proud to join with Attorney General Kilmartin, Senator Miller and my colleagues in the House who passed this bill unanimously.

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