Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rhode Island General Assembly Frenzy

The Rhode Island General Assembly is rushing through its final legislative agenda before adjourning.

Perhaps the politicians in Providence should stop playing Providence, and instead provide more freedom for the Rhode Islanders (who still live there) to find work (what little remains)

Some good news emerged in this legislative sessions. “Choose Life” license plates will not go forward as planned, because of Governor Chafee’s veto. He already said “Never mind” about a reelection bid, and the Christmas Trees are feeling the festiveness once again. Now if only the General Assembly would discuss ways to breathe life back into the moribund Ocean State Economy. Perhaps “doing nothing” would work in their favor. It always did before. Just stand back and watch the debts and deficits dissipate. Something similar to that worked for the Israelites fleeing Egypt into the Promised Land. Sadly, for most Rhode Islanders, the promised land is anywhere but here.

California and Rhode Island have too much bad in common (with big unions, big debt, and big politicians in big government refusing to enact even small reforms). Now for another connection: granting licenses to illegal immigrants. Forget the PC, people. If someone lives in this country without proper papers, then they should not be living her. How can any state conceive of rewarding people for breaking the law (*cricket*)
Rhode Island issued the legislation for undocumented anything getting a license, but California has caught up close behind.
Where is the wisdom in rewarding law breakers?
Illegal immigration is a complicated issue, but that's not my fault, or the fault of any legal resident. How long have the states and the federal government been expanding the welfare state at the expense of the general welfare? As Economist Milton Friedman asserted, a nation can allow free immigration to work, but not to welfare. When will this lawless insanity stop? Minutemen, anyone?
Perhaps they would like to jump on a boat and visit New England for a little while, too. Wetter and perhaps cooler than watching the southern border, Minutemen could take their time rallying support from the federal government to enforce the laws of the land (and what about the laws in the land, too?)

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