Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Sheehan Shenanigans against the State of Israel

The state of Israel is under siege, not just from hostile Arab nations surrounding it, but also from international condemnation biased against the Jewish state because of so-called "atrocities".

Yet the unwarranted condemnation has even poisoned the “Peace” or “Anti-War” movement.

In her nasty article "Audacity of Israel" (published by alternative rag Amass Magazine), the virulent anti-semitic rhetoric of anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan demonstrates to what extent the rabid insanity of anti-Israeli Zeitgeist is infecting the world.

Repeatedly she asserts in her article that Israel is conducting "genocide", no. . . . a "holocaust" against the Palestinian people.

She further asserts that Palestinians have died in record numbers, nearly 10 to every one Israeli, which is nonsense, considering that Palestinians are almost always victimized by the Muslim-Terrorist leadership of Hamas and Fatah.

It is shameful that this woman has converted her grief over her son's death into a licentious onslaught against the Jewish State, which has both the right to exist and to defend itself.

Ms. Sheehan, you are wrong to suppose that in order to be pro-peace, you must be anti-Israel. The Jewish state has entered into talks repeatedly in order to establish peace with the Palestinians, yet Israel cannot negotiate with a partner that 1) refuses to recognize its existence, and 2) wants to destroy Israel at all costs, no matter what concessions she may make.

The Jewish state promotes peace within its own borders and takes every precaution to exact justice against terrorists without harming innocents. These actions should be recognized by the international community, not the biased hatred of Muslim bullies or the misguided grief of a fire-eating anti-war activist.

Ms. Sheehan, leave the state of Israel alone!

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